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Rack cabinets 10 "and 19" both material and standing

The rack cabinets are cabinets that have an established measure in width, such as 10 "or 19" commonly. The height of the cabinets are measured U, can be 1, 2, 3, 4 etc U. Each U can insert an element, such as a tray, a socket, a patch panel, etc. With this order is achieved in the structured cabling infrastructure.
These cabinets are used for both data cables to coaxial cabling. You can also give other uses such as housing equipment recorders surveillance cameras or other.

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  1. Lock for side wall panels 19 "
    SKU: IC-CFO03

    €2.25 Tax included
  2. leveling feet for floor rack cabinets.
    SKU: IC-CFN01-2

    €2.58 Tax included
  3. 10" empty panel for 8 RJ45 connectors
    SKU: 50P8V

    €3.27 Tax included
  4. Blind panel 19 " 1U.

    €3.45 Tax included
  5. Wheel without brake rack cabinet.
    SKU: IC-CFN02-2-1

    €4.90 Tax included
  6. Cable marker flanges 100 mm, 100 units
    SKU: IC-IT18100M

    €4.91 Tax included
  7. 1U Cable Brush for 19" Rack Cabinets

    €5.90 Tax included
  8. blind panel of 19 "2U.

    €6.20 Tax included
  9. 1U Blank Panel for 19" Rack
    SKU: TEL533161

    €6.78 Tax included
  10. Wheel brake rack cabinet.
    SKU: IC-CFN02-2-2

    €6.90 Tax included
  11. 1U guide panel of horizontal cables with 5 flanges

    €7.62 Tax included
  12. Altar frontal fixed tray for mini Wall of 10 "
    SKU: IC-CFF35

    €9.40 Tax included

Items 1-12 of 154

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