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Staples for Coaxial Cabling, Data and Telephony

In this section we have clips of all types and diameters to hold coaxial cabling, twisted pairs and telephony, on the wall or ceiling. Lets you organize cables for a cleaner installation.

What diameter to use for each wire?

  • Diameter ∅ 5mm: It is recommended for RG59 coaxial cable and UTP Category 5e (or lower) cable. RG59 is a type of TV coaxial cable, smaller in diameter and more flexible than common RG6. Cat 5e UTP cable is usually ± 5mm in diameter, since it has no shielding layer and the wires are finer than those of higher categories.
  • Diameter ∅ 6mm: Generally used for RG6 coaxial cable and also with Cat 5e FTP or Cat 6 UTP cable. RG6 cables are the most common of coaxial cables, their diameter is approximately 6mm if they are not shielded.
  • Diameter ∅ 7mm: If with 6mm the RG6 coaxial cable is too tight, better use a 7mm clamp, especially if your cable has several layers of shielding. This diameter is also indicated for Category 6 FTP cables.
  • Diameter ∅ 9mm: Mainly for S/FTP and STP Category 6 and up high-shielded data cables. It is less common to see a coaxial cable of this diameter.
  • Diameter ∅ 11-14mm: For RG11 coaxial cabling, a special coaxial cable used for long TV and data runs, with better performance than RG6 but with a thickness from 10mm to 14mm depending on the protection (burial, rodent-proof, etc).

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  1. Closed clamp for 7 mm coaxial cable in a box of 100 units

    €2.98 Tax included
  2. 5mm cable cleat staple in white color

    €7.10 Tax included
  3. Staple cleat for 5mm cable in black color

    €7.10 Tax included
  4. Cleat cleat for 6mm data cable in black color

    €7.44 Tax included
  5. Clamp cleat for 6mm coaxial cable in white color

    €7.45 Tax included
  6. Staples for phone cable 28/09 length 9mm 2000 pcs
    SKU: GRAPA2809

    €7.70 Tax included
  7. Staples for phone cable 28/11 length 11mm 2000 pcs
    SKU: GRAPA2811

    €7.89 Tax included
  8. Staple cleat for 6-7mm white cable (100u.)

    €7.95 Tax included
  9. Staple cleat for cable 6-7mm black (100u.)

    €7.95 Tax included
  10. Clamp cleat for 11mm cable in black color

    €8.95 Tax included
  11. Staple cleat for 2 cables of 7mm or 1 coaxial cable of 13mm in black

    €8.99 Tax included
  12. Staple cleat for 9-11mm white cable (100u.)

    €8.99 Tax included
  13. Clamp cleat for 13mm or 2mm white 7mm cable

    €9.24 Tax included
  14. Clamp cleat for 9mm coaxial cable in white color

    €9.28 Tax included
  15. Staples for phone cable 36/10 length 10mm 2000 pcs
    SKU: GRAPA3610

    €11.07 Tax included
  16. Clamp for coaxial cable 36/14 of 14mm in box of 2000uds
    SKU: GRAPA3614

    €12.73 Tax included
  17. Staples for phone cable 36/12 length 12mm 2000 pcs
    SKU: GRAPA3612

    €12.78 Tax included

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