Transformers 220-240 VAC

DC Power Supplies

The power supplies transform the 220-240 VAC voltage from the plug into a continuous output between 3 and 20 VDC.

In this section you will find transformers of different voltages to power receivers, CCTV cameras, audio and video equipment, laptops, modulators, amplifiers, multiswitches, etc.

We have 12Vdc power supplies of different amperage (A) and sources with a voltage selector from 3 to 12Vdc.

Choose the correct power supply:

A common mistake when buying power supplies is not looking at the voltage and amperage they support. Before looking for the source, we must know the input voltage of the equipment we want to supply and its consumption, which is measured in amperes (A) or milliamps (mA).

Amperage is the number of electrons that circulate in a conductor per unit time, and voltage is the force with which it circulates. To understand us, the amperage would be like the amount of water that circulates through a tube and the voltage would be the pressure or force with which it does it.

The amperage of the feeder must be equal to or greater than the amperage that the equipment consumes, otherwise, it could begin to fail due to not receiving enough current. On the other hand, if we confuse the voltage, the equipment will not turn on due to lack of power, or it will burn due to overvoltage.



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