Recorder HDD

Hard disks for security camera recorders

Hard drives are a critical part for the recorder, because without them the engravers could not video store and make no sense to use them. The recorders are usually sold without a hard drive and you have to choose one suited to our needs.

Obviously the higher the hard drive more hours of recording will be stored.

It should be clear that the hard drives are filled recorders, but can be configured for when a disc will be filled automatically deleting old videos. This way you always have the last week, two weeks, month, recorded months. (Depending on disk size).

Recorders have 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB. All of excellent quality. A hard disk can not fail when our security is at stake.

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1GB SATA / 600 64MB SEAGATE hard drive 7.2k

Ref.: HDD1TB
€48.46 Tax included

HDD 1TB 3.5" Western Digital Purple SATA Hard Drive

€65.63 Tax included

2TB Western Digital Purple hard drive for CCTV

€97.57 Tax included

3TB Purple hard drive with 3.5 "SATA connection

€121.39 Tax included

6TB Western Digital Purple HDD 3.5" for CCTV

€237.89 Tax included

Western Digital Purple 8TB Sata HDD 3.5 "Hard Drive for CCTV

€396.06 Tax included

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