WIFI security cameras

Wireless surveillance cameras. Wifi.

WiFi cameras are cameras able to connect to the local network to transmit the image over the Internet to your smartphone. Are autonomous cameras usually have internal memory for storing video. They are powerful cameras with many functions.

We have models:

  • LYNX: A high-definition camera, it noted for its price. Supports memory card up to 32GB, is autonomous, and is ideal for controlling your small business or residence.
  • PANDA: It is a very complete camera, HDTV, supports memory cards up to 32GB, is autonomous, and also has alarm sound to deter thieves, and microphone for intercomnicación between your camera and your smartphone. It is a camera designed to control small shops or residences.

It is also a camera that has found a very useful application on the market to monitor sick or dependents. Because it allows instant communication with the patient, to calm, while the caregiver goes to the room.


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Rotary Wi-Fi Camera with Microphone and Speaker + SD Slot

Ref.: TL-TAPOC200
€41.84 Tax included

2MP Rotary WiFi IP Camera Bidirectional Audio SD Slot

€53.54 Tax included

WiFi IP Camera 2MP Fixed 2.8mm IR 30m SD Slot Ezviz

Ref.: EZ-C3WN
€64.37 Tax included

WiFi Bullet 3MP Fixed IP Camera 2.8mm IR 30m SD Slot

Ref.: IPCV0263W
€77.14 Tax included

2MP 2.8mm Hikvision IP Dome Camera with WIFI

Ref.: H340177446
€92.93 Tax included

IP Dome Camera Wifi X-Security 3Mp 3.6mm

Ref.: XS-IPDM843-3W
€99.83 Tax included

Compact 1080p IP camera with wifi

Ref.: H340177097
€111.80 Tax included

IP camera with Wi-Fi cube type with 1080p resolution with microphone and speaker

Ref.: TBK-CB9625W
€114.71 Tax included

2K IP Camera with 4 Megapixels and 2.8mm Fixed Optics with WIFI

Ref.: XS-IPCU014A-4
€119.79 Tax included

bullet 1080p IP camera wireless optical 4mm

Ref.: H340177086
€126.20 Tax included

Minidome IP camera with WiFi of 2 Mp and fixed optics of 2.8 mm

Ref.: H340177396
€143.75 Tax included

IP Camera Motorized Dome PTZ WIFI Outdoor SD Card

Ref.: XS-IPSD0503-W
€237.77 Tax included

Items 1 to 12 of 17 total

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