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Broadband amplifiers

The Broadband Amplifiers which improve the DTT signals. The gain is the same in all band, it isn´t depend of the level signal that we have at the entry. There are a lot of kind of the headends, so we must have to know which is the signal that we want amplifier (DTT, FM, DAB, VHF, SAT, etc..) the gain and the level of the signal that we need. This kind of the headends is installer in instalations where the signal is the same more or less at the entry (3dB of the different), also it is not recommended to installer in buildings that have more than 5 houses.

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  1. Broadband Amplifier 4 inputs (BI-FM-BIII/DAB-UHF) 31dB
    SKU: IKU3516

    €46.50 Tax included
  2. Central Amplifier FI 35dB LTE 5G Tecatel

    €49.19 Tax included
  3. Multiband Amplifier UHF-FM/VHF 34dB LTE 5G
    SKU: TECMA050T

    €57.93 Tax included
  4. Engel DIGI-COMPACT Broadband Amplifier VHF/UHF 25dB
    SKU: ENGAM1021

    €58.08 Tax included
  5. Power Supply for Amplifier SAE-920 Ikusi
    SKU: IKU994006

    €64.80 Tax included
  6. Central Broadband UHF-VHF-FM 34dB LTE 5G
    SKU: TECMA049T

    €65.05 Tax included
  7. Central amplifier of 4 entrances with gain of 34dB MA048LC of Terra

    €66.78 Tax included
  8. Multiband Amplifier FM-BI-BIII-UHF DIGI-COMPACT 40dB Engel
    SKU: ENGAM1023

    €67.88 Tax included
  9. 50dB UHF/VHF/FM LTE 5G Multiband Amplifier

    €70.47 Tax included
  10. Engel DIGI-COMPACT Multiband Amplifier BI/III-FM-UHF-UHF 50dB
    SKU: ENGAM1034

    €78.05 Tax included
  11. Central Broadband LTE 5G 2xUHF-BIII-FM 47dB MA076T
    SKU: TECMA076T

    €81.34 Tax included

Items 1-12 of 52

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Broadband Amplifiers