Programmable Headends

Programmable Amplifier Head

The Programmable Amplifier Head are cheaper than TV Headers modular solution. Programmable Power Plants are a very good solution for residential developments of less than 20 houses where the signal has a great differents.

The Programmable Amplifier Head has via software select the set of channels that are to amplificate. To make that, you need programmer, you can go incorporated in the programmable plant itself or be purchased separately, depending of the make and model. 

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Type 8 cable with plug for the PROFILER power supply

Ref.: RED8
€1.88 Tax included

Power Supply Replacement Tecatel plants

€22.37 Tax included

Power supply for centralized Profiler

€26.20 Tax included

Power supply for One Sat

€81.68 Tax included

Headend cabinet 440x440x140mm

Ref.: TEL5750
€82.47 Tax included

Ikusi NBS695-C60 amplifier with 5 inputs: 2xUHF, FM, DAB and SAT

Ref.: IKU3569
€102.37 Tax included

Accessory Universal Programmer for Televes Systems

Ref.: TEL7234
€121.54 Tax included
New Johansson 6710 Programmable Central

Profino Revolution processor head with gain of 60dB 6710 of Johansson

Ref.: JOH6710
€208.73 Tax included

Profino Revolution Plus 60dB Head-end Amplifier

Ref.: JOH6711
€217.80 Tax included

Central programmable amplifier 10 filter and FI

€235.22 Tax included

Central programmable 4 inputs (FM, VHF, 2xUHF) and 1 output with gain of 45dB

Ref.: FAG35559
€245.82 Tax included

60dB Profino SAT programmable header with Johansson satellite

Ref.: JOH6712
€254.10 Tax included

Items 1 to 12 of 24 total

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