Single-channel amplifier headends

Modular Active Forward Distribution System

The single-channel amplifier is recommended for community installations. It has a high gain and it has a good filter, so at the end we will have a good exit of the signal with a good potency, filter, without references and without interferences and the fully equalizer signal.

When we are going to buy a headend or a single-channel amplifier, it is essential to know the channels to be received at the site, because as the name suggests a single-channel modular amplifier a particular channel and it is supplied for each particular channel. Therefore when ordering a single channel is necessary to amplificate the channel required for each modular amplifier.

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Amplifier UHF line G.13 Vs 98 dB dBuV (connection F).

Ref.: TEL4006
€22.13 Tax included

FM Amplifier headers T12

Ref.: TEL508212
€56.45 Tax included
Sale Amplificador Monocanal 2246

Amplifier single channel UHF, SZB series

Ref.: IKU2246
€57.81 Tax included

Single channel amplifier UHF 50 dB/120 dB Adjacent

Ref.: FTEC604
€60.48 Tax included

Amplier Monocanal T12 DAB

Ref.: TEL509912
€62.98 Tax included

BIII Single-Channel Amplifier. SZB series.

Ref.: IKU3152
€67.14 Tax included

singl-chanel amplifier NEX645 de 50dB

Ref.: FA341
€70.47 Tax included

Single Channel Amplifier / UHF Multichannel

Ref.: TEL508612
€72.87 Tax included

Modular UHF modular amplifier SZB + 550 by Ikusi

Ref.: IKU2260
€81.26 Tax included

Amplifier system for T12 Televes

Ref.: TEL508012
€89.33 Tax included
New Kit 3 Televes Monochannels with adaptation hose and TDTKITLATIGUI support

3-Channel Televes Header Kit + Adaptation Hose + Support

€224.43 Tax included

Programmable 2-channel UHF AT422 amplifier from Terra

Ref.: TECAT422
€254.10 Tax included

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