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Modular Active Forward Distribution System

The single-channel amplifier is recommended for community installations. It has a high gain and it has a good filter, so at the end we will have a good exit of the signal with a good potency, filter, without references and without interferences and the fully equalizer signal.

When we are going to buy a headend or a single-channel amplifier, it is essential to know the channels to be received at the site, because as the name suggests a single-channel modular amplifier a particular channel and it is supplied for each particular channel. Therefore when ordering a single channel is necessary to amplificate the channel required for each modular amplifier.

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  1. Amplifier FM Header (BII) low gain. SZB series.
    SKU: IKU2293

    €53.36 Tax included
  2. Adjacent Single Channel UHF Amplifier 50dB Alcad
    SKU: ALCZG421

    €59.90 Tax included
  3. DAB T12 Single Channel Amplifier OUTLET
    SKU: TEL509912OUT

    €59.97 Tax included
  4. Header Amplifier DAB (Digital Radio) of 192-223 MHz SZB Series..
    SKU: IKU3160

    €61.60 Tax included
  5. Televes T12 Series FM Single Channel Amplifier
    SKU: TEL508212

    €61.67 Tax included
  6. DAB T12 Single-Channel Amplifier
    SKU: TEL509912

    €68.81 Tax included
  7. Triax UHF TAS 050 single channel amplifier
    SKU: TRITAS050

    €70.99 Tax included
  8. BIII Single-Channel Amplifier. SZB series.
    SKU: IKU3152

    €71.18 Tax included
  9. 50dB NEX645 single channel amplifier
    SKU: FA341

    €71.54 Tax included
  10. Single channel amplifier UHF 50 dB/120 dB Adjacent
    SKU: FTEC604

    €74.05 Tax included
  11. Modular UHF modular amplifier SZB + 550 by Ikusi
    SKU: IKU2260

    €75.85 Tax included
  12. T12 UHF Single channel Amplifier (472...862 MHz)
    SKU: TEL508612

    €79.62 Tax included

Items 1-12 of 21

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Single-Channel Amplifiers