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Tool Television Connectors

In this section we have a lot of tool that we need to installer a television. We have a coaxial cable stripper, and tools for connector F. insercción also have crimping tools for compression connectors.

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  1. Hex Key for F Connectors

    €2.04 Tax included
  2. Coaxial Cable Stripper

    €3.82 Tax included
  3. Flat-star Hex-11 key for F connectors

    €4.91 Tax included
  4. Compression pliers RG6, RG59 and RG11

    €20.72 Tax included
  5. Crimp for BNC connectors

    €38.50 Tax included
  6. Compression connectors tools

    €44.93 Tax included
  7. Compression Tool for connectors Televes

    €151.73 Tax included
  8. Televes "F" Compression Connection Kit

    €155.51 Tax included
  9. Televes "F" Compression Connection Kit TSH

    €165.88 Tax included

12 Items

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