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Kits digital terrestrial television

In this section we group a wide selection of items for DTT simple facilities. Therefore we kits Mast amplifiers with Power & Kits for complete systems in single family homes and Headends Kits.

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  1. Mast amplifier kit AMP-LTE404L and FA-MAX24120 for UHF
    SKU: TDT0053

    €19.70 Tax included
  2. Mast amplifier kit UHF 25dB LTE 5G + Power supply
    SKU: JOH7322KTLTE2

    €24.32 Tax included
  3. Mast amplifier kit UHF 35dB LTE 5G + Power Supply
    SKU: JOH7329KTLTE2

    €25.03 Tax included
  4. AMD 920 DC 35dB mast amplifier kit and Fagor power supply
    SKU: FAG36952

    €36.81 Tax included
  5. Kit DTT LTE TECATEL maximum gain 58dB + 25 meters cable.
    SKU: TDT0005

    €53.40 Tax included
  6. LTE DTT kit maximum gain 58dB + 25 meters of cable
    SKU: TDT0044

    €63.43 Tax included
  7. TELEVES LTE kit TDT 32dB maximum gain automatic control
    SKU: TDT0037

    €79.03 Tax included
  8. DTT DAT BOSS 42dB LTE 5G + Power Supply + 20m Cable
    SKU: TDT0011

    €86.21 Tax included
  9. Budget Kit TDT 62dB maximum + cable
    SKU: TDT0038

    €91.43 Tax included
  10. Televes High Gain DTT Kit + 75dB LTE 5G
    SKU: TDT0023

    €107.02 Tax included

Items 1-12 of 16

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