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Telecommunication Towers

In this section we have all the elements to make up the Telecommunications Towers. These towers must meet standards of the security, so we recommending to check with our technical department, so you will know which antenna is the best for the isntallation, it is depending of hihgher and the rest of the equipment of telecommunication that will be installer in the same tower.

Our towers can be installer in any telecommunication system: transmission and reception of DTT broadcasting and reception of Wi-Fi networks, radio stations, etc..

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  1. Turret 175mm upper section 1.5 m

    €70.87 Tax included
  2. Turret 180 SE Upper Section 1.25m Zinc + RCP

    €76.21 Tax included
  3. Tower 180 SE RPR Intermediate Section 2.5m

    €86.77 Tax included
  4. 175 mm Turret 2.5m intermediate sections

    €88.98 Tax included
  5. 175 mm turret upper stretch of 2.5 m

    €95.53 Tax included
  6. Tower Superior Section 180 SE RPR c / aro 2.5 m.

    €104.76 Tax included
  7. Turret 180 rpr reinforced upper 1 meter

    €154.09 Tax included
  8. Upper section 180 RPR tower 3 meters

    €176.68 Tax included
  9. Lower Section 180 RPR tilting tower 3 meters

    €176.68 Tax included
  10. Intermediate Section 180 RPR Tower 3 meters

    €176.68 Tax included

11 Items

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Set Descending Direction