VDS Digital Audio Kits

Digital Audio Kits

The lifelong electronic doorphones are also called conventional doorphones or more technically defined as 4 + N systems. The main disadvantage of this system is that any neighbor if he picks up the handset can listen to the conversation that another neighbor has with the person on the street. In digital doorphones this does not happen. Communication is totally private. Communication only comes into operation when a specific home is called and communication is only made with this home.

Another advantage of the digital door entry system is that more models of telephones can be used indoors. In fact there are some models of hands-free telephones, which are only available for the digital system. They are ILOFT phones.

When choosing a digital entry phone, it must be taken into account that the kits include a flush-mounted box, so work must be done to fit the box. If you do not want to do work, you must purchase a surface box separately.

Another thing we have to look at is whether the box is going to be exposed to rain, because in this case a visor is needed that at least removes the direct rain from falling on the street sign.

Doorphone kits generally allow expanding the number of telephones at home without the need for an extra power supply. If you need to install two or three telephones or more in your home, because it is a multi-storey house or with many rooms and you want to have more telephones than the one included in the kit, we recommend that you contact us to ask, since in these cases sometimes require extra power for all phones to ring.

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