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Compasses and Satellite Finders

In this section we will find the necessary products for the orientation of our satellite dish. You have to take into account parameters such as polarization, azimuth and elevation. For this we have inexpensive products such as satellite finders or locators and compasses for satellite dishes.

  • The azimuth is the angle at which the antenna must be oriented, taking north as a reference. To help the orientation of the azimuth are the compasses.
  • The elevation is the angle that the parabolic makes with respect to the horizontal. To aid elevation, the parabolic antennas themselves have a graduation on the hardware.
  • Polarization is the rotation that is given to the LNB once it is placed in position on the satellite dish. It is also an angle and is marked on the parabolic mounting hardware.

After all these adjustments that we do manually, we have a tool that helps acoustically to make a finer adjustment of the satellite antenna. They are satellite finders, also called satellite hunters.

Azimuth, elevation and polarization data can be found on numerous web pages, but if you have questions you can call or write to us directly. Or ask us to send it to you along with your order.

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  1. Basic Analog Satellite Locator

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  2. Opticum OPS-4 Satellite Locator with LCD screen

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  3. DVB-S/S2 Openbox Satellite Meter
    SKU: AM0328

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  4. SATPAL remote controller satellite settings

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  5. Satellite finder Sathunter+

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Satellite Finders