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Programmable Digital Processor x2 SAT LTE 5G

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Triax TMB 502 S Programmable Digital Processor

Terrestrial processing unit with double SAT amplification for mixing to 2 independent RF+SAT1 / RF+SAT2 outputs of high output level up to 118dBμV.

Complete solution for ICT headend in a single device that combines filtering, conversion and amplification of the different input signals (1xFM / 3xVHF / UHF / 1xVHF / UHF-DAB / 2 xSAT). Equipment adapted to the 2nd Digital Dividend with switchable 5G LTE filtering for UHF (470-698 MHz).

Its real-time AGC (Automatic Gain Control) offers a linear response with a level difference of ±1 dB, complying with the requirements of the ICT (±3 dB). The cental has a 2x16 LCD display with complete information on signal levels and 5 control buttons. It can be configured manually or automatically saving installation time.

Offers switchable remote power of 0/12/24 VDC for Terrestrial and 13/18 VDC for Satellite.

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LTE 5G Programmable Central Processing Unit with Double SAT Amplifier for ICT Headend

What are the main characteristics of the Central Triax TMB 502 S?

  • 7 antenna inputs: 1xFM / 3xVHF / UHF / 1xVHF / UHF-DAB / 2 xSAT
  • 32-filter Flex Matrix allows processing of individual channels to any output channel
  • ACG in real time and separately on all multiplexes
  • 50 dB adjacent channel rejection
  • High gain 20 - 80 dB
  • VHF / UHF channel conversion
  • 2 SAT amplifiers (2 x40 dB)
  • 2 RF-SAT1 / RF SAT2 high level outputs (2x118 dBμV)
  • Selection of reject filters
  • LTE 700-5G / 800-4G
  • Equalization to compensate for the slope produced by the Coaxial cable
  • Access lock by security code
  • Switchable remote power: 0/12/24 VDC
  • (TERR) and 13 / 18VDC (SAT)
  • USB port to export and import configurations

What technical specifications does the Triax TMB 502 S Programmable Control Panel have?

Triax TMB 502 S

Free shipping
(Iberian Peninsula)
More Information
EAN 8416050200017
Color White
Type Programmable station
Entorno Interior
# Inputs 7
Outputs 2
Gain 80
Max. output level Ganancia (dB/uV) 119
LTE compatible No
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