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Fiber Fusion Protectors (100 units)

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Bitel Group
1 to 7 days
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Bitel Group

Bag of 100 units of Fiber Optic Protectors

When performing a fiber optic fusion, a protective sheath is needed so that the splice is totally isolated, secured and firm. These are the protectors used.

One is required for each fiber splice made.

These fiber optic protectors are used in the fusion carried out by the Televes 232103 Fiber Splicer.

Bitel Group
1 to 7 days

Fiber Optic Fusion Protector in Bag of 100 units

With which splicer can I use Bitel's Fiber Protector?

This protector can be used with any splicer on the market, but we recommend the new Televes splicer 232103 or the Tecatel FO110001 splicer.

Bitel Group
1 to 7 days
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System Optic Fiber
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