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Ellipse Antenna UHF LTE 5G + Bag Feeder

TDT Ellipse Televes antenna adapted to the 2nd Digital Dividend thanks to its integrated 5G LTE filter. Active antenna with automatic BOSS gain of up to 40dB to obtain optimal terrestrial signal levels in any condition. It is the antenna with the best DTT coverage area, receiving correctly even if the signal is very strong or very weak. If the Ellipse is not able to receive a signal, no other can.

The BOSS system is constantly checking the signal and adjusting the gain according to the levels it captures, whether high or low, to always give the best possible output level. It is also characterized by its great selectivity capable of eliminating any interference, even at the limit of the UHF band.

As for its construction, it is made of aluminum and fiberglass to make it totally immune to corrosion. The antenna assembly is done in less than 30 seconds and the entire installation is done without tools. Robust and permanent anchor to prevent it from moving and disorienting over time.

Includes PicoKom 24V 130mA indoor power supply with 2 outputs.