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Decodificadores TDT

In this sección you will find DTT Receivers wich receiver and convert the signal from antenna to your television. Here you will find the Receiver that you are looking for, that it is depends of your needs. We have basic ones, economic ones, high end, and a lot of this. All of those offers us a lot of functions, likes recording, PVR, timeshift, HD modulator,  etc ..

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  1. Pendrive 32GB USB 2.0 Flash Memory

    €6.49 Tax included
  2. DVB-T2 HD PVR Engel DTT Receiver

    €21.60 Tax included
  3. DTT Receiver Econ T2-BOX FTA E-264 OUTLET

    €22.69 Tax included
  4. Pendrive 128GB USB 2.0 Flash Memory

    €24.21 Tax included
  5. DVB-T2 HEVC Full HD Receiver with PVR Engel

    €26.91 Tax included
  6. High definition DTT receiver With E-264

    €28.44 Tax included
  7. HD DTT DVB-T2 AX Lion 4-M plus receiver

    €28.59 Tax included
  8. SRT-8209 High Definition DTT Receiver

    €30.01 Tax included
  9. Full HD DTT DVB-T2 E-265 NYTRO BOX Receiver

    €30.49 Tax included
  10. DTT2 / QAM HD Illusion TC200 receiver

    €33.86 Tax included
  11. High-definition DTT receiver T2H265 by Qviart

    €34.49 Tax included
  12. Android TV 65" 4K Oled UHD Combo Metz

    €2,499.00 Tax included

12 Items

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