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IPTV Receivers with Linux Operating System

Internet TV decoders with Linux-based operating system stand out for the possibility of configuring practically everything to your liking. A receiver with a Linux base is not a normal receiver, since its Linux base makes it exponentially increase its possibilities.

Most Linux receivers are Enigma2, an operating system geared towards audio / video playback devices. There is a large free community that has supported this system for many years to incorporate countless functions.

The GNU/Linux IPTV decodes are high-performance equipment that offers you full control of it and its operation to enjoy the best IPTV experience.

In forums you will find all kinds of information about these receivers.

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  1. Qviart OG 2 4K IPTV Receiver

    €89.00 Tax included
  2. IPTV Receiver MAG322
    SKU: MAG322

    €95.02 Tax included
  3. IPTV receiver with built-in Wi-Fi MAG322w1
    SKU: MAG322w1

    €95.90 Tax included
  4. IPTV OTT Linux 4K MAG420w1 WiFi Receiver
    SKU: MAG420W1

    €104.00 Tax included

4 Items

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IPTV Linux - Enigma2