Satellite facilities with a single cable

Satellite compatible with unicable system.

This system allow the distribution in 4 users with a only one cable. It use the distribuitor without the need limited to a single polarity. Any of the receivers can receiver eigth polarities and therefore can see any whole satellite channel with full frees. It is a good system when it is impossible to install more cables and the fou users want to enjoy the satellite TV.

There are a few unicable receivers. We have some of those.

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Kingston 16GB Pendrive

€6.43 Tax included

Ariva 54 Full HD PVR Satellite Receiver with WIFI

Ref.: ARIVA54
€38.15 Tax included

Combo HD Piccollo Receiver DTT, SAT and Cable + CI

€99.92 Tax included
New Receptor combo WS8500

Combo receiver for satellite, TDT and IPTV WS 8500 of Redline

Ref.: REDWS8500COM
€99.95 Tax included

Wifi Antenna for Qviart Mini

Ref.: WIFI7601
€11.98 Tax included

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