Low noise block converters

LNB's - Converters

In this section we have LNB's converters that make the converting of high frequency signal (KU Band-C Band) at a lower frequency signal, for to make the distribution via coaxial cable as the frequency at which descends the satellite transmission link would be impossible to convey the information by the coaxial cable.

It is important to know the types of LNB's at our disposal, and it is in this paragraph where you will find the need.

In case you are not familiar with the LNB converters, we recommend the following reading.

Glossary of terms:

LNB Single: Only one output for a single receiver. Or to spread the signal housing. *

LNB Twin: Two direct outputs for two receivers.

Quad LNB: Four direct outputs for four receivers.

Octo LNB: Eight direct outputs for eight receivers.

LNB Quattro: Four separate outputs polarities for use with multiswitches. (Housing with 8 or more shots, and community facilities)

Noise figure: between 0.1 and 0.7. The lower the better noise figure LNB behaves to receive the signal. (However, it is not a decisive factor, some high value LNB noise figure works much better in certain situations).

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LNB unicable Diavolo II SCR de 0.1dB de Megasat

Ref.: MEG0401099
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Unicable LNB for four receivers and two master ports

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Unicable LNB converter QUAD with 2 universal ports of Inverto

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