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LNB Converters for Satellite Dishes

The LNB is the more important element for the satellite dish because it is the one that really captures the signal and if we have a good LNB, we will have a better quality signal. There are different types of LNBs and explained below:

LNB Single: Only one output for a single receiver. Or to distribuite the signal housing. *

LNB Twin: Two direct outputs for two receivers.

Quad LNB: Four direct outputs for four receivers.

Octo LNB: Eight direct outputs for eight receivers.

LNB Quattro: Four separate outputs polarities for use with multiswitches. (Housing with 8 or more shots, and community facilities)

Noise figure: between 0.1 and 0.7. The lower the better noise figure LNB behaves to receive the signal. (However, it is not a decisive factor, some high value LNB noise figure works much better in certain situations).

A single LNB can distribute the signal for a home as long as we bear in mind that we will be able to use only one receiver at a time or to have a single polarity throughout the house.

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  1. LNB Universal Single Converter 0.2dB 50dB Engel
    SKU: ENGAN7123

    €4.36 Tax included
  2. Single Black Premium LNB converter 0.2 dB inverto IDLB-SINL40 PREMU
    SKU: ANTIV205025

    €5.14 Tax included
  3. Single Black Ultra high-end LNB converter 0.2 dB by Inverto.
    SKU: ANTIV205525

    €10.42 Tax included
  4. Converter Twin LNB Inverto Black Premium 0.2 dB IDLB-TWL40 PREMU
    SKU: ANTIV205040

    €13.00 Tax included
  5. Converter Quattro LNB Inverto Black Premium 0.2 dB IDLB-QUTL40 PREMU
    SKU: ANTIV205045

    €16.72 Tax included
  6. Ultra Black Twin LNB converter 0.2 dB
    SKU: ANTIV205540

    €21.70 Tax included
  7. Quad LNB converter Black Premium 0.2 dB
    SKU: ANTIV205050

    €22.24 Tax included
  8. Black Ultra Quattro LNB converter 0.2 dB
    SKU: ANTIV205545

    €24.82 Tax included
  9. Quad LNB converter 0.2 dB Inverto Black Ultra-QDL40 IDLB ULTR
    SKU: ANTIV205550

    €31.91 Tax included
  10. Octo LNB converter 0.2 dB Inverto Black Pro DLB-OCTL40-OOOOO-OPP
    SKU: ANTIV205060

    €42.94 Tax included

10 Items

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