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Satellite Reception Systems

This section is dedicated to different types of satellite antennas, both parabolic and flat. These reception systems usually work at very high frequencies and have a very high gain.

Among the elements necessary to receive satellite TV, the type of antenna that we must use and its orientation will be the most crucial part of the process, since this is where most of the problems tend to come from, if any.

Going by the shape, there are two main types of antennas for Satellite TV: parabolic antennas and flat antennas.

  • The dish antenna is nothing more than a dish where the satellite frequencies are reflected, centering them all in an exact point, where the LNB would go. Due to their construction, we can find them in Aluminum or Steel with anticorrosive treatment, Aluminum ones are of higher quality due to their greater resistance to rust and their greater lightness compared to Steel, but in terms of performance we do not find appreciable differences.

The dish antennas by themselves are of no use if we do not place the LNB, which is responsible for transforming the high satellite frequencies into lower frequencies, to be able to distribute them through the coaxial cable.

Dish antennas are classified by size, this size determines the gain it has. Depending on the satellite that we want to receive and where we are located we will need a larger or smaller antenna.

  • On the other hand, flat antennas integrate the LNB and therefore it is not necessary to purchase it separately. Generally, flat antennas are equivalent to 60cm satellite dishes in terms of the gain it offers and therefore the satellites it can receive. Another advantage of the flat antenna is a more compact and discreet design, ideal for placing on terraces without disturbing the design of the facade.

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  1. Hardware and LNB Ø 40mm Bracket Bag Televes (spare)
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  2. 60cm parabolic antenna kit with LNB without Daxis support

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Satellite Antennas