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Reception and Mounting Systems

This section is dedicated to different types of satellite antennas, satellite dishes both as flat. These systems usually work reception at very high frequencies and have a very high gain. In addition, here we find the media required for installation.

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  1. Dish SMC-65 polyester 61cm

    €98.54 Tax included
  2. Offset Dish 120 cm of steel.

    €99.39 Tax included
  3. 85cm Aluminum Antenna DAA-850/1

    €114.68 Tax included
  4. Strong SlimSat SA61 Satellite Antenna

    €122.86 Tax included
  5. 60cm Flat Parabolic Antenna with LNB Single

    €124.75 Tax included
  6. Slim Satellite Antenna LNB Twin OUTLET

    €132.13 Tax included
  7. Dish (75x85) aluminium, high quality, white

    €137.66 Tax included

12 Items

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Satellite Antennas & supports