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Optical Fiber Networks

With this technology of Optical Fiber, you have the option of to have a good signal, or to get the best signal level with a low atenuation. This technology is so good for large installations. In this category we offers you all the articles that you need to make a insurance conection with optical fiber such as: optical LNBs, optical nodes, optical converters, optical attenuators, optical distribution tools Fiber Optic Transmission and Reception Optics and Optical fiber patch cords.

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  1. GFP B + SFP adapter for OLTS 769410 from Televes

    €142.94 Tax included
  2. Ethernet adapter Gpon GB SFP + Ethernet OLT

    €155.18 Tax included
  3. Módulo ONT Standard: 1 x GB Ethernet, RF Overlay

    €158.45 Tax included
  4. Modulo ONT Office 4XGb Eth+2xFXS+2x USB, WLAN

    €229.90 Tax included
  5. SFP + Ethernet adapter for OLT Gpon

    €261.36 Tax included
  6. Home Ont Module with Wifi AC 769504 from Televes

    €326.70 Tax included
  7. Optical Amplifier 20dBm YEDFA 19"

    €7,711.75 Tax included
  8. Modulo OLT 8X Pon+8X Gb Eth+2x10Gb Eth (inc FA)

    €9,075.00 Tax included

10 Items

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Optical Fiber