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Optical Fiber Networks

With this technology of Optical Fiber, you have the option of to have a good signal, or to get the best signal level with a low atenuation. This technology is so good for large installations. In this category we offers you all the articles that you need to make a insurance conection with optical fiber such as: optical LNBs, optical nodes, optical converters, optical attenuators, optical distribution tools Fiber Optic Transmission and Reception Optics and Optical fiber patch cords.

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  1. Optical LNB with fiber output MDU

    €172.69 Tax included
  2. Optical LNB input with C-120

    €238.85 Tax included
  3. LNB and Optical Modulator Kit ODU32

    €458.59 Tax included
  4. N-F-FC / PC Optical RF Converter DAB / UHF-FI

    €551.99 Tax included
  5. Optical LNB kit with Televes ODU32 236810 converter

    €1,203.48 Tax included

7 Items

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Optical Fiber