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The antenna, it is the first element in an installation. This is the element wich capture the signals. This take the signal and transformer into electrical energy. This process is so important to watch the television. In this section you can find the different DTT and Radio antennas, for inside or outside of the house. You can find here both, Terrestrial and Digital antennas, also for Radio.

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  1. 3dB Passive Omnidirectional DTT Antenna (C21-69) Megasat

    €5.99 Tax included
  2. Active Omnidirectional DTT Antenna 18dB (C21-69) Megasat

    €8.53 Tax included
  3. Amplified Indoor DTT Antenna 42dB LTE 5G Axil
    SKU: ENGAN0256G5

    €13.55 Tax included
  4. DVB-T indoor antenna model Strong ANT30, LTE filter incorporated

    €14.52 Tax included
  5. Axil 48dB LTE 5G Indoor DTT-UHF Antenna
    SKU: ENGAN0268G5

    €18.73 Tax included
  6. INNOVA 20dB LTE 5G Indoor DTT Antenna (C21-48) OUTLET
    SKU: TEL130220OUT

    €35.11 Tax included
  7. Antenna TDT-UHF Indoor INNOVA Boss LTE 5G
    SKU: TEL130220

    €42.53 Tax included
  8. Indoor DTT Antenna Bexia Televes LTE 5G OUTLET
    SKU: TEL130501OUT

    €52.60 Tax included
  9. Bexia Televes indoor DTT antenna with 5G filter
    SKU: TEL130501

    €59.17 Tax included

9 Items

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Terrestrial Antennas