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Registro terminación de red PAU 665x525x80mm OUTLET

Marca: Bitel Group
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OUTLET: Bitel metallic PAU register 50x60x8 cm

Bitel's 19M-RS-6652 telecommunications PAU is a metal network termination record that meets the ICT requirements for TV installations and broadband services.

With this register we can organize the cables of the telecommunications installation to link the secondary network with the user's internal network.

The cabinet 19M-RS-6552 is made of painted steel sheet with fireproof wood bottom.


What is TDTprofesional OUTLET?

Our Outlet category is made up of products from our customers' returns, which are in perfect condition and have been tested by our technical department to guarantee their correct operation. The product packaging may present bumps or the product may not be shipped in its original packaging. The products in our Outlet include a special discount and have the same guarantee as new products.

OUTLET: Technical Specifications of the 50x60x8 cm metallic PAU Register from Bitel

The 19-RTR-6652 cabinet allows the connection of the structured wiring of the secondary network of the building with the internal network of the house.

What technical characteristics does registration 19-RTR-6652 have?

It has measures of 500 x 600 x 80 mm.
It is embedded.
It has a cover to protect the connections.
It's made out of metal.
Lock with security key.
Fireproof wood background.
Pre-punched holes for connections.

What is a Network Termination Record used for?

Network termination registers, also known as RTR or PAU, are used to link the secondary network of an ICT with the internal network of the home. All the data and TV services are connected in this register and the necessary equipment is assembled to distribute these services to each user socket.
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EAN 8421655060010
Sistema Registros
SERIE Terminación de Red
Color Blanco
Equipo Distribución TV-SAT Repartidor / Distribuidor
Entorno Interior
Marca Bitel Group
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