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CCTV Passive balun RJ45 for video and power

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Balun RJ45 for CCTV with power, SE-BA002 by Tecatel

The box contains a pack of 2 units of passive video transceiver and twisted pair power.

This product is used to transport the video signal and the power supply of the surveillance cameras by UTP cable instead of coaxial, in this way it saves on wiring costs also taking advantage of the data network structure in case it is already installed .

It is compatible with AHD / HDCVI / HDTVI / CVBS standards with resolution up to 1080p.

It has protections against electrostatic discharges.

24/48 Hours

Balun passive RJ45 video and power supply for UTP for CCTV, reference SE-BA002 of Tecatel.

What technical specifications does the passive balun SE-BA002 by Tecatel have?

Señal de transmisión
Transmission signal
1 canal
1 channel
Distancia de transmisión
Transmission distance
0 – 300 m
Tipo de cable
Category cable
UTP Cat. 5 / 5E / 6
Conector coaxial de vídeo
Coaxial video connector
BNC macho
Male BNC
Conector cable de datos
UTP cable connector
Formatos compatibles
Compatible with
AHD / HDCVI / HDTVI / CVBS (720p / 1080p)
Protección interferencias
> 60 dB
Descarga electrostática
Electrostatic discharge
1a, 1b Descarga electricidad por contacto nivel 3
1a, 1b Discharge electricity by level 3 contact
Protección conector cable coaxial
Coaxial cable connector protection
2 kV (par común) IEC 61000-4-5
2 kV (common pair) IEC 61000-4-5
Protección cable UTP
UTP cable protection
2 kV (par distinto), 4 kV (par común) IEC 61000-4-2
2 kV (different pair), 4 kV (common pair) IEC 61000-4-2
Impedancia BNC
BNC impedance
75 Ω
Impedancia cable UTP
UTP cable impedance
100 Ω
Plástico ABS
ABS Plasctic
60 g
Alto 42 mm, Largo 21 mm, Ancho 21 mm
High 42 mm, Long 21 mm, Width 21 mm
More Information
EAN 8430549054622
Color Black
CCTV Accessory Balun
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