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SCART Cables

The SCART cable is definitely more cable used to connect a tuner or receiver to any standard definition display or television. The audio and video cable comprises 21-pin connectors that carry audio and video signal. The SCART allows the connection between TV, DVD, set top boxes, satellite receivers, computers and consoles. The SCART cables are design it so that it is not possible wrong connection. The SCART cable is also known as Scart, and only allows you to transmit analog signals. With the advancement of high-definition signals, they are increasingly used in deprimento HDMI cables.

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  1. Scart Cable 1.2m
    SKU: EURO1.2M

    €2.18 Tax included
  2. Euroconnector SCART adapter - 3 RCA IN/OUT

    €2.92 Tax included
  3. Scart cable to 3 RCA adapter

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  4. Scart Cable 5m
    SKU: EURO-5M

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4 Items

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Scart cables