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High Definition and 4K Satellite Receivers

Do you want to watch satellite channels and in high definition? Do you have doubts about which is the best receiver for you? We offer you a wide catalog of HD satellite receivers and we are specialists with experience to advise you and solve any questions you may have.

High definition satellite receivers allow you to enjoy satellite channels at the highest resolution and with the best image quality.

We have receivers for both free channels and pay channels to which you can put the subscriber card.

In the event that you are interested in receivers for international platforms, we have both receivers and cards and we even manage contracts with services for European, Nordic and United Kingdom channels. Access this link for more information on international receivers and channels.

We have desktop receivers and also to hide behind the television, of small size. They all share the characteristics that they have an HDMI output to connect an HDMI cable to the HDMI input of the television and thus be able to enjoy high definition.

Please note that receivers usually do not include the HDMI cable for this connection. But you can buy them in the following link: HDMI cables.

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  1. SA1000 Full HD mini satellite receiver from Illusion
    SKU: ILLSA1000

    €28.41 Tax included
  2. APEBOX S WIFI Satellite Receiver with Card Reader (CA)

    €34.00 Tax included
  3. Opticum FULL HD Satellite Receiver AX-150V2
    SKU: OPTAX150

    €34.19 Tax included
  4. APEBOX S2 IPTV Satellite Receiver with Card Reader (CA)

    €43.05 Tax included
  5. Satellite receiver Piccolino S2 by Edision

    €45.58 Tax included
  6. APEBOX S2 WiFi IPTV Satellite Receiver (CA)

    €47.43 Tax included
  7. Thomson THS222 HD Satellite Receiver
    SKU: THS222

    €50.65 Tax included
  8. T-Boston HD PVR TS-2002 Satellite Receiver
    SKU: TBOTS2002

    €99.10 Tax included
  9. ENGELSAT WiFi HD IPTV Satellite Receiver
    SKU: ENGRS8100Y

    €125.99 Tax included
  10. Opticum AX300 Plus HD Satellite Receiver

    €37.17 Tax included
  11. Satellite Receiver HD Strong SRT7007
    SKU: SRT7007

    €45.01 Tax included
  12. SAT HD Ariva 104 WiFi receiver
    SKU: ARIVA104

    €73.91 Tax included
  13. VIARK LIL HD Satellite Receiver

    €109.95 Tax included
  14. Cristor Atlas HD-200SE Satellite Receiver (Second Edition) Boot F

    €112.53 Tax included
  15. VIARK SAT Full HD Satellite Receiver

    €129.91 Tax included
  16. VIARK SAT 4K DVB-S2X WiFi IPTV Satellite Receiver

    €149.96 Tax included

16 Items

per page
Set Descending Direction

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