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Receiver for satellite television in your caravan, boat or vehicle.

Although some state-of-the-art televisions include satellite tuner, there are usually few televisions that run at 12Vc and many less ones that have built-in satellite tuner. That is why a large variety of satellite receivers continue to be sold.

But satellite receivers that can operate directly with a 12Vd supply voltage, which is available in the vehicles thanks to their batteries, are more scarce.

Some of our models have a removable transformer that converts the voltage from 220Va to 12Vc. With a plug. As easy as not to use this transformer and connect it directly to 12Vc.

Also in the satellite market we have a wide range of services offered by satellites and in many cases each language has a series of concrete satellite receivers to operate on those platforms so the thing is complicated.

For example, in Spain, we have movistar + by Astra 19ºE. In France they have TNTSAT and FRANSAT, by Astra 19ºE and Eutelsat 5ºW, respectively. The Italians TIVU in Hotbird 13th and so it happens with many countries.

If you have doubts to choose your satellite receiver for your caravan call us and ask without obligation.

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  1. Opticum AX300 Plus HD Satellite Receiver

    €34.46 Tax included
  2. Opticum FULL HD Satellite Receiver AX-150

    €37.57 Tax included
  3. Satellite Receiver HD Strong SRT7007

    €43.56 Tax included
  4. Thomson THS222 HD Satellite Receiver

    €48.69 Tax included
  5. Satellite receiver Piccolino S2 by Edision

    €50.64 Tax included
  6. Opticum SLOTH MINI HD Satellite Receiver

    €56.88 Tax included
  7. Ariva 103 Mini HD Satellite Receiver

    €61.67 Tax included
  8. IRIS 1902 FULL HD 1080p Satellite Receiver

    €101.64 Tax included
  9. Ferguson Ariva 4K Android Satellite Receiver

    €102.11 Tax included
  10. Receiver Satellite Televes Zas HD

    €108.21 Tax included
  11. Satellite receiver in HD VIARK SAT

    €115.00 Tax included

Items 1-12 of 20

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Satellite 12V Receivers