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Cookies are small files that are created when a website is visited. They are stored on each computer or mobile terminal. Cookies allow information concerning your browsing or an anonymous code that identifies the user uniquely. 

Browsing this website will create session cookies, which store user data during the visit to maintain a personalized view of the page and persistent cookies, which are stored for longer on the team with similar long-term purposes are used.

We use private and third party cookies. Private cookies are managed by TDTprofesional to identify the user session and third-party cookies are managed by service providers and social networking analysis unrelated to TDTprofesional.

We detail third party cookies and the purpose for which the information is used to:

Technical: Social content cookies to track user activity between the network and the web. Cookies to identify the session on several occasions and to store content for the dissemination of videos.
Analysis: analytical tools that help websites to understand how visitors interact with the web. You can use a set of cookies to gather information and report usage statistics of websites not personally identify visitors.
Google Analytics
Customization:  Those that allow users to access the web with some features of a general nature based on a predefined set of criteria the user terminal such as (language, browser type, locale from which you access).
Disabling or removing cookies.
Most web browsers manage user preferences about the use of cookies. The user can set the browser to reject cookies or delete certain cookies at its discretion.
To configure Cookies Users can access:
The User may revoke the consent to the use of cookies on your browser via the above directions or by installing a rejection system ("opt-out") in your web browser. You can get third-party rejection apps through the following links:
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