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In TDTprofesional we bet on FERMAX and COMELIT as main brands of audio intercoms, video intercoms and access control systems, we have incorporated into our online store a wide catalog of tailor-made solutions for both single-family homes and neighborhood communities, residences, premises, hotels and all kinds of establishments.

Electronic door phones have always been the call system to the house where the door was intended to be opened for you. By simply pressing a button you established communication with the person inside and they decide whether or not they want to open the door. The electronic intercom is a security system.

With the change from door phone to video door phone, it has gone one step further. Since being able to see the caller at home on a screen is always an extra in terms of security.

If you are looking for a security system, be it an access control, a door phone or video door phone in TDTprofesional, you will find all the solutions.

We have lifelong analog intercoms that are already very simple and inexpensive equipment that fulfill their function of opening the door. They are installed with 5 wires.

From here we can find digital doorphones that facilitate installation because they have only 2 connection wires. Or more complex systems in terms of functions, since digital systems allow all types of implementation. We can even reach home automation and large residential complexes with video intercom access controls or even answer the call from your mobile phone without being at home.

Accessories for panels, accessories, replacement telephones or extra monitors. You can find everything on our page. And if you need something that we do not have published. Ask us!

We also offer all kinds of spare parts from the Fermax market for all kinds of repairs that you need.

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  1. Amplifier city classic VDS
    SKU: FER9697

    €190.58 Tax included
  2. Citymax vds amplifier module by fermax 9684
    SKU: FER9684

    €213.54 Tax included
  3. DUOX 1-output regenerator
    SKU: FER3256

    €75.98 Tax included
  4. 100c memokey keyboard for classic city plates
    SKU: FER9621

    €250.11 Tax included
  5. Pushbutton module citymax 4 + N 103
    SKU: FER9681

    €75.50 Tax included
  6. Audio amplifier 2 / L S / A duox
    SKU: FER9741

    €161.04 Tax included
  7. 2L color video amplifier. City vds
    SKU: FER6969

    €471.90 Tax included
  8. Decoder for Conversion by MDS/VDS System
    SKU: FER2409

    €128.07 Tax included
  9. Crystal color city classic
    SKU: FER9603

    €21.24 Tax included
  10. Resistencia calefactora para Cityline classic y Citymax
    SKU: FER9657

    €11.80 Tax included
  11. Crystal proximity reader (autonomous and mds) of fermax
    SKU: FER9666

    €20.35 Tax included
  12. 16-button Cityline Panel (4 + N)
    SKU: FER70231

    €285.97 Tax included

Items 1-12 of 489

per page
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