Electronic measuring instrument

Digital Multimeters

Multimeters are simple measures equipment but also with a measurement capability and versatility. It is used for measurements: voltage AC / DC, AC / DC, resistance, capacitance, frequency, transistor, continuity, diodes, and many more dimensions to models.

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Digital multimeter with DT850L memory

Ref.: NIMOMUL001
€12.29 Tax included
New Multimeter BR30-00031 by Dimelec.

Digital Multimeter Compact Autorange BR30-00031 of Dimelec.

Ref.: DIMBR30-00031
€22.53 Tax included

TRUE RMS digital multimeter from Promax

Ref.: PROFP2
€36.30 Tax included

Digital Multimeter with RMS PD-350

Ref.: PROPD350
€108.94 Tax included

Multimeter with control android PD-351 of Promax

Ref.: PROPD351
€114.83 Tax included

Digital Multimeter With RMS+Bluetooth PD-352

Ref.: PROPD352
€133.71 Tax included

Multifunctional CCTV camera tester

€288.25 Tax included

Poliscopio OS-782

Ref.: PROOS782
€979.19 Tax included

Brunk digital multimeter TS-34

Ref.: BRUTS34
€17.79 Tax included

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