Broadband Amplifiers

Broadband amplifiers

The Broadband Amplifiers which improve the DTT signals. The gain is the same in all band, it isn´t depend of the level signal that we have at the entry. There are a lot of kind of the headends, so we must have to know which is the signal that we want amplifier (DTT, FM, DAB, VHF, SAT, etc..) the gain and the level of the signal that we need. This kind of the headends is installer in instalations where the signal is the same more or less at the entry (3dB of the different), also it is not recommended to installer in buildings that have more than 5 houses.


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  1. Central TdT Broadband 3 Inputs DAB/UHF1/UHF2 38dB AM 321 Fagor
    SKU: FAG35386
    On request
    €39.42 Tax included
  2. Broadband Amplifier 4 inputs (BI-FM-BIII/DAB-UHF) 31dB
    SKU: IKU3516
    In stock
    €51.76 Tax included
  3. Ikusi 1 Input Terrestrial Broadband Amplifier
    SKU: IKUNBS-701-C48
    In stock
    €65.63 Tax included
  4. Engel DIGI-COMPACT Broadband Amplifier VHF/UHF 25dB
    SKU: ENGAM1021
    In stock
    €66.17 Tax included
  5. Central Broadband DIGI-COMPACT 1 Input/40 dB/117 dBuV
    SKU: ENGAM1022
    In stock
    €67.26 Tax included
  6. Multiband Amplifier FM-BI-BIII-UHF DIGI-COMPACT 40dB Engel
    SKU: ENGAM1023
    In stock
    €67.70 Tax included
  7. Central Broadband DIGI-COMPACT 1 Input/50 dB/122 dBuV
    SKU: ENGAM1032
    In stock
    €72.41 Tax included
  8. Power Supply for NBS, SAE and TAE Ikusi Amplifiers
    SKU: IKU270177
    In stock
    €76.23 Tax included
  9. Ikusi 3 Inputs Terrestrial Broadband Amplifier
    SKU: IKUNBS-704-C48
    In stock
    €76.59 Tax included
  10. Multiband Amplifier UHF-FM/VHF 34dB LTE 5G
    SKU: TERMA050T
    In stock
    €84.25 Tax included
  11. One+ Series Power Supply 270182
    SKU: IKU270182
    In stock
    €87.12 Tax included
  12. Central Broadband UHF-VHF-FM 34dB LTE 5G
    SKU: TERMA049T
    In stock
    €87.33 Tax included
  13. Central Multiband 45dB 2xUHF-FM-DAB-SAT LTE 5G
    In stock
    €92.98 Tax included
  14. Central TDT Broadband 3 Inputs FM/DAB/UHF 45dB Moon Maf 301 by Fagor
    SKU: FAG35100
    In stock
    €93.81 Tax included
  15. Central Amplifier Minikom EasyF 3e/1s 30dB
    SKU: TEL562522
    On request
    €109.78 Tax included
  16. Broadband Line Amplifier (47-862 MHz) 39dB LTE
    SKU: TEL537302
    In stock
    €110.52 Tax included
  17. Central Broadband TDT/SAT 4 Inputs FM/DAB/UHF/SAT 45dB Moon Maf 311 by Fagor
    SKU: FAG35115
    On request
    €112.23 Tax included
  18. Broadband Amplifier Inputs 3 Terrestrial/1 Satellite
    SKU: IKUNBS-795-C48
    In stock
    €112.53 Tax included
  19. Broadband Amplifier 1xUHF 40dB LTE 5G Ikusi
    SKU: IKU3573
    In stock
    €119.64 Tax included
  20. Multiband DTT and Satellite Amplifier with LTE 4G/5G
    SKU: JOH7785
    On request
    €122.96 Tax included
  21. Central amplifier (gain = 48dB) of 5 inputs and 1 output
    In stock
    €124.25 Tax included
  22. 5e FM/DAB/2UHF/SAT 5G Multiband Amplifier
    In stock
    €127.05 Tax included
  23. Central Broadband MiniKom EasyF 4 Inputs and 1 Output Televes 562422
    SKU: TEL562422
    In stock
    €127.47 Tax included
  24. Multiband Amplifier NBS-804-C48 2xUHF/FM/DAB LTE 5G
    SKU: IKU3564
    On request
    €130.90 Tax included
  25. MiniKom EasyF Multiband Amplifier FM-VHF-UHF-FI 36dB LTE 5G
    SKU: TEL562621
    In stock
    €132.12 Tax included
  26. Multicentral power amplifier. Ref. AM1100 from Engel
    SKU: ENGAM1100
    In stock
    €133.15 Tax included
  27. MiniKom Broadband Amplifier (FM-BIII-UHF-FI) LTE 5G
    SKU: TEL539620
    On request
    €139.53 Tax included
  28. Broadband Amplifier (2xUHF-FM-DAB-SAT) LTE 5G
    SKU: IKU3576
    On request
    €151.59 Tax included
  29. Minikom EasyF Multiband Amplififer FM-VHF-UHF-UHF-SAT LTE 5G
    SKU: TEL562221
    In stock
    €155.33 Tax included
  30. Multiband Amplifier DTKOM FM-BIII-BIV-BV-UHF 42dB LTE 5G
    SKU: TEL534120
    On request
    €242.41 Tax included
  31. Multiband Amplifier DTKOM FM-BIII-BIV-BV-UHF 42dB LTE 5G
    SKU: TEL534121
    On request
    €242.41 Tax included
  32. Multiband Amplifier DTKOM FM-BIII-UHF LTE 5G Televes
    SKU: TEL534020
    In stock
    €254.09 Tax included
  33. Central Amplifier DTKOM MATV 5e/1s U-BV-BIV-V-FM
    SKU: TEL4509
    On request
    €360.96 Tax included

36 Items

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