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Electronic Doorphones (Audio only): 4+N Analog, Digital and 2-Wire

The automatic doorphones, also called electronic door phones or telephones, are used to communicate between the interior and exterior of the house.

We have electronic doorphones for both single-family homes and neighborhood communities, analogue electronic doorphones and digital electronic doorphones. In our online store you can buy all-inclusive intercom kits at a reduced price. Fermax and Comelit have all kinds of solutions for any type of installation.

Older electronic door phones used 4+N analog systems, incorporating 4 common wires plus 1 additional wire for each home. Nowadays, we alson find digital door entry systems that can be settled with only 3 common wires, making the installation easier, reducing labour cost.

Both Fermax and Comelit have developed 2-wire digital systems, DUOX PLUS and SIMPLEBUS respectively. These systems offer greater simplicity in installation and great flexibility as they are compatible with any type of cables. They are ideal solutions to replace old doormen in single-family homes and communities.

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  1. 16-button Cityline Panel (4 + N)
    SKU: FER70231

    €285.97 Tax included
  2. 4+N Universal Telephone 2 Buttons Comelit OUTLET
    SKU: COM2703UOUT

    €13.84 Tax included
  3. Comelit EXTRA-MINI Audio 4+N Kit for 3 Homes
    SKU: COMKAE5063

    €103.53 Tax included
  4. Comelit 4+N EXTRA-MINI Audio Kit for 4 Homes
    SKU: COMKAE5064

    €118.08 Tax included
  5. Ciao-Mini Comelit Single Family 2-Wire Audio Kit
    SKU: COMKCA0061

    €81.68 Tax included
  6. Telephone Loft Basic VDS 3390 Fermax OUTLET
    SKU: FER3390OUT

    €17.79 Tax included
  7. Compact Analog Telephone 4+N Universal Auta
    SKU: AU700505

    €12.71 Tax included
  8. Amplyvox 4+N Audio Kit of 1 Line
    SKU: X1718000

    €39.63 Tax included
  9. Auta digital compact phone 700105
    SKU: AU700105

    €45.38 Tax included
  10. 2-line citymax door kit
    SKU: FER6202

    €101.64 Tax included
  11. CITYMAX Basic 4+N Fermax Telephone
    SKU: FER80447

    €9.98 Tax included
  12. Conventional telephone with system 1 + N T-73 of Tegui
    SKU: TEGT73

    €46.17 Tax included

Items 1-12 of 72

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