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Electronic Doorphones (Audio only): 4+N Analog, Digital and 2-Wire

The automatic doorphones, also called electronic door phones or telephones, are used to communicate between the interior and exterior of the house.

We have electronic doorphones for both single-family homes and neighborhood communities, analogue electronic doorphones and digital electronic doorphones. In our online store you can buy all-inclusive intercom kits at a reduced price. Fermax and Comelit have all kinds of solutions for any type of installation.

Older electronic door phones used 4+N analog systems, incorporating 4 common wires plus 1 additional wire for each home. Nowadays, we alson find digital door entry systems that can be settled with only 3 common wires, making the installation easier, reducing labour cost.

Both Fermax and Comelit have developed 2-wire digital systems, DUOX PLUS and SIMPLEBUS respectively. These systems offer greater simplicity in installation and great flexibility as they are compatible with any type of cables. They are ideal solutions to replace old doormen in single-family homes and communities.

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  1. Cityline Intercom Kit (4 + N) for 24 Homes
    SKU: FER4877

    €643.04 Tax included
  2. Golmar K-201 GRF 1-Line 4+N Audio Kit

    €77.32 Tax included
  3. 16-button Cityline Panel (4 + N)
    SKU: FER70231

    €266.87 Tax included
  4. New

    Kit of Panel plus Telephone Duox Plus 1 Housing by Fermax
    SKU: FER49202

    €189.07 Tax included
  5. Ciao and Mini Kit with 2-Wire Handset KCA2061A
    SKU: COMKCA2061A

    €161.23 Tax included
  6. Single Family Audio Kit Ciao-Mini Simplebus
    SKU: COMKCA2071

    €201.59 Tax included
  7. Wi-Fi VIP Visto with Power Supply Kit KVV8111
    SKU: COMKVV8111

    €353.16 Tax included
  8. BPT Series 200 Agata Telephone

    €38.62 Tax included
  9. S3 205 Compact Analog panel
    SKU: AUT851325

    €72.00 Tax included
  10. Telephone T-72C DIGITAL TEGUIBUS 374230
    SKU: TEG374230

    €23.72 Tax included
  11. Doorman Kit Series 7 4+N Housing KIT-A1 by Tegui
    SKU: TEG375011

    €79.79 Tax included
  12. Basic Digital Telephone System 2 Non-Polarized Wires T-75E Series 7
    SKU: TEG374290

    €25.75 Tax included
  13. Basic Telephone for Comelit Stylekit 5
    SKU: COM2602

    €23.85 Tax included
  14. Telephone Loft Basic VDS 3390 Fermax OUTLET
    SKU: FER3390OUT

    €18.38 Tax included
  15. 4+N Qvadis ONE WiFi Smart Monitor

    €329.00 Tax included
  16. Comelit EXTRA-MINI Audio 4+N Kit for 3 Homes
    SKU: COMKAE5063

    €129.01 Tax included
  17. Comelit 4+N EXTRA-MINI Audio Kit for 4 Homes
    SKU: COMKAE5064

    €140.57 Tax included
  18. Cityline Duox Plus 2L Intercom Kit
    SKU: FER49212

    €263.01 Tax included
  19. Audio City Iloft Duox Plus Kit 1L
    SKU: FER50772

    €246.17 Tax included
  20. Audio Marine and Veo Doux Plus Kit 1L
    SKU: FER50762

    €355.66 Tax included
  21. 2-Wire Telephone Series 8
    SKU: TEG374794

    €36.29 Tax included
  22. Desktop support for 4+N VEO and LOFT telephones
    SKU: FER3749

    €34.69 Tax included
  23. Urmet Signo Series Bibus System Telephone
    SKU: URM1172/55

    €49.55 Tax included
  24. Teléfono Básico Simplebus 2 Serie Style de Comelit
    SKU: COM2638

    €73.69 Tax included
  25. Agata A200 Evo telephone by BPT

    €38.62 Tax included
  26. Placa de Audio City S5 AP206 4+N de Fermax
    SKU: FER70131

    €231.47 Tax included
  27. MINI 2-Wire Audio Phone from Comelit Outlet
    SKU: COM2708W/AOUT

    €24.21 Tax included
  28. Golmar Hands Free Audio Unit
    SKU: GOLART1/G2+

    €52.30 Tax included
  29. Visualtech Full Compact Telephone by Auta
    SKU: AUT700205

    €38.42 Tax included
  30. Basic Telephone Simplebus System Comelit Style Series
    SKU: COM2608

    €50.15 Tax included
  31. Elegance Telephone Simplebus 2 System Style Series by Comelit
    SKU: COM2628

    €111.68 Tax included
  32. Comelit Traditional Mini 2 Pushbutton Telephone
    SKU: COM2702W

    €15.33 Tax included
  33. Ciao-Mini Comelit Single Family 2-Wire Audio Kit
    SKU: COMKCA0061

    €93.75 Tax included
  34. Compact Analog Telephone 4+N Universal Auta
    SKU: AU700505

    €14.08 Tax included
  35. MINI 2-Wire Doorphone for Video Doorphone Comelit Outlet
    SKU: COM2738W/AOUT

    €33.52 Tax included
  36. Golmar Hands Free Audio Unit OUTLET

    €102.25 Tax included

Items 1-36 of 95

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