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Fixed supports TV

The television kept fixed supports attached to the wall. Not allowing movement or rotation of the television. They are great because they are inexpensive and are great for when the wall is aligned with the sofa or chair you use to watch TV. But if your wall is at an angle to the seat should Acquire a stand with arm to permit rotation of the TV and get your TV in front of his seat.

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  1. Support for 17-42 "AX MIRAGE 42 LCD

    €7.96 Tax included
  2. 23-55" AX MIRAGE PLUS LCD Stand

    €8.81 Tax included
  3. Fixed LCD support 37kg 23-37" VESA 75/100/200

    €8.88 Tax included
  4. LCD support TV of 40Kg 23" - 55"

    €10.26 Tax included
  5. Tv Slim fixed stand for LED screens up to 42 "

    €12.52 Tax included
  6. Fixed TV Stand 23-55" Opticum ROYAL 45kg

    €12.80 Tax included
  7. TV Stand 32"-82" VESA 45kg HERMANN

    €19.53 Tax included
  8. LCD support TV of 35Kg 23" - 55"

    €21.39 Tax included
  9. TV Wall Mount for VESA XL Color Black

    €63.80 Tax included

12 Items

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Fixed TV Mounts