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Power Supplies and Accessories Headends with single-channel Amplifiers.

The Headends amplification for single-channel needs some accesories to make the best installation. It needs supports, boxes, power supplies, bridges and anothers reference that needs a headend with a single-channel amplifiers.

Also, we have programmers for those brands need.

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  1. Fast F/F mixing bridge for FTE Maximal Series

    €1.55 Tax included
  2. 48mm F Jumper for Televes T12 Monochannels
    SKU: TEL5074

    €2.02 Tax included
  3. DC 780.20 power cable for 4 TERRA modules
    SKU: TER-780.20

    €4.39 Tax included
  4. 1 Meter DIN Rail for Terra Monochannels
    SKU: TER699.027

    €5.11 Tax included
  5. Televes Standard Support for T12/T.0X Modules
    SKU: TEL5071

    €9.96 Tax included
  6. Nexum support for 6 modules + source
    SKU: FAG83112

    €12.75 Tax included
  7. Hose adaptation to monochannel T12 Televes
    SKU: TEL422110

    €13.96 Tax included
  8. Support base 5 units for IKUSI monochannels
    SKU: IKU2220

    €20.01 Tax included
  9. Televes 90V Surge Arrester
    SKU: TEL494702

    €62.85 Tax included
  10. Single Channel Power Supply FTE 1600mA
    SKU: FTEPS21600A

    €65.18 Tax included
  11. 24V power supply for Ikusi SZB mono-channel headend
    SKU: IKU2250

    €68.10 Tax included
  12. Single-channel bedside chest to 9 units.
    SKU: IKU2224

    €71.32 Tax included
  13. Power Supply 24Vdc 2500mA
    SKU: ROV87049

    €75.14 Tax included
  14. Kit for connection of module T.0X with PC
    SKU: TEL216801

    €78.99 Tax included
  15. Power supply Fagor Nexum SPS 523 24V/2.3A
    SKU: FAG69523

    €80.90 Tax included
  16. Box for T12 headers (10 modules + power supply) Televes
    SKU: TEL5072

    €81.43 Tax included
  17. Switching Power Supply T12
    SKU: TEL549812

    €86.82 Tax included
  18. Casket headers T12 (14 modules + power)
    SKU: TEL5069

    €114.61 Tax included
  19. T.0X power supply for Televes 24V and 2.5A 562910 modules
    SKU: TEL562910

    €125.31 Tax included
  20. Single Channel 12V 4.5A Terra Power Supply
    SKU: TERUP413

    €138.85 Tax included
  21. Power Supply 12V 4.5A for Terra Header Equipment

    €198.32 Tax included
  22. T0X Switching Power Supply 24V - 5A Televes 5629
    SKU: TEL5629

    €209.22 Tax included
  23. Headend Power Supply for CLASS A
    SKU: IKUCFP900

    €242.08 Tax included
  24. Connection bridge 780.026 for TERRA 48.5mm modules
    SKU: TER-780.026

    €2.29 Tax included

24 Items

per page
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Single-Channel Accessories