Material needed for Installation of Telecommunication Networks

TYPE F: Installer telecommunication infrastructure facilities and next generation telecommunications network control, management and security in buildings or groups of buildings

To be given high as type F installer must purchase a team from each of the following:

  • Multimeter
  • Meter earth
  • Insulation Tester
  • Field meter
  • MF simulator
  • Optical power meter tester and single mode optical fiber for FTTH
  • Equipment for assembly in the field joint or single-mode optical fiber
  • Analyzer / Certifying network

In this section we have all the equipment calibration certificate with serial number and register approved installer type F.

Finance your measuring equipment

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Laser light source for fiber optics

Ref.: TECFO120011
€297.66 Tax included

Digital ground resistance meter with spades PE-335 from Promax

Ref.: PROPE335
€346.06 Tax included

Digital earth resistance meter stakeless

Ref.: PROPE425
€370.84 Tax included

Insulation meter PE-455 from Promax

Ref.: PROPE455
€407.41 Tax included

Low Cost Triple laser source

€855.32 Tax included

Noise Generator 1-2200 Mhz, level 70 dBuV

Ref.: PRONG283
€861.22 Tax included

Poliscopio OS-782

Ref.: PROOS782
€979.19 Tax included

Builder test pilots for coaxial cable. To verify ICTs

Ref.: PRORP110B
€1,103.07 Tax included

Selective optical power meter Low Cost

€1,103.07 Tax included

Source triple laser FTTH (1310, 1490, 1550 nm)

Ref.: PROLITE105
€1,415.70 Tax included

Professional Resistance Meter Loop

Ref.: PROIC020
€1,734.23 Tax included

Field Meter H30 evolution FULL Version

Ref.: TEL593505
€2,141.25 Tax included

Items 1 to 12 of 29 total

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