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International Channels and Platforms

This section is dedicated to satellite receivers so that you can tune into international channels, both official and compatible, with a subscription card included. We have receivers for French, Italian, Spanish, German, English, Belgian, Dutch channels, etc. With international satellite receivers you can enjoy your favorite channels anywhere, even outside your country.

Official international receivers normally include the subscriber card and their activation or contracting of the service is simple. Each platform offers an activation system. Ask us if you have questions.

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  1. Satellite Receiver HD Strong SRT7007
    SKU: SRT7007

    €45.01 Tax included
  2. TNTSAT Card PC6 with 4 YEARS Subscription

    €50.46 Tax included
  3. FRANSAT French channel card with 4 years subscription

    €53.82 Tax included
  4. Kit for Indian channels 2F Astra 28.2 ° E
    SKU: TDT0055

    €79.01 Tax included
  5. TNTSAT Satellite Receiver HD Strong SRT-7406
    SKU: SRT7406

    €117.61 Tax included
  6. PCMCIA card reader + card included Fransat

    €119.09 Tax included
  7. New

    TIVUSAT Classic Ti9 Satellite Receiver

    €143.39 Tax included
  8. HD Satellite Receiver M7 MZ101 Telesat
    SKU: M7MZ101TEL

    €179.32 Tax included
  9. TIVUSAT 4K Q90 Combo Receiver

    €181.50 Tax included
  10. HD Satellite Receiver M7 MZ102 TELESAT Belgium
    SKU: M7MZ102TEL

    €184.42 Tax included
  11. Satellite Receiver M7 MZ-102 Canal Digitaal Netherlands
    SKU: M7MZ102DIG

    €184.42 Tax included
  12. Satellite Receiver M7 MZ102 HD TV Vlaanderen
    SKU: M7MZ102VLA

    €184.42 Tax included
  13. TIVÙSAT TS9018 Satellite Receiver with Card
    SKU: TS9018HEVC

    €195.92 Tax included
  14. Receiver TDT SAT HD Televes
    SKU: TEL512801

    €395.00 Tax included
  15. Opticum FULL HD Satellite Receiver AX-150
    SKU: OPTAX150

    €28.48 Tax included
  16. Opticum AX300 Plus HD Satellite Receiver

    €37.17 Tax included
  17. Receiver Golden Interstar Alpha X DVB-S2 Linux

    €60.80 Tax included
  18. Satellite Receiver TNTSAT DS81 + 4 YEARS Card

    €117.98 Tax included
  19. FRANSAT SRT 7407 Satellite Receiver + 4 YEARS Card
    SKU: SRT7407

    €133.03 Tax included

20 Items

per page
Set Descending Direction

International Satellite Channels