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Instrumentation Telecommunications

In this category we have all the instrumentation that we need to perform a telecommunications facilities (DTT, Satellite, Video Entry Systems, CCTV, data networks, optical fiber, etc.) Also, we have grouped by type of instrumentation measuring equipment and type of telecommunications authorized installer. We must pain special attention in this section at fiber optical tools and field meters.

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  1. Fiber protectors for fusion Televes 2327
    SKU: TEL2327A

    €0.29 Tax included
  2. Network cable tester and USB NCT-2

    €13.35 Tax included
  3. Cable Tester RJ45 and BNC GTLAN 22GTST248
    SKU: 22GTST248

    €17.70 Tax included
  4. Nimo MUL003 Digital Multimeter

    €20.04 Tax included
  5. MOSAIQ6 Meter Screen Protector
    SKU: TEL596213

    €30.08 Tax included
  6. Kevlar scissors for fiber optics
    SKU: TEL232310

    €31.62 Tax included
  7. TRUE RMS digital multimeter from Promax

    €36.30 Tax included
  8. Data and Telephony Basic Toolkit

    €37.10 Tax included
  9. Fiber optic cleaning kit
    SKU: TEL232710

    €38.13 Tax included
  10. Warehouse Fibre
    SKU: AF007

    €43.66 Tax included
  11. RJ45 CAT6 Female Termination Tool
    SKU: TEL209811

    €49.01 Tax included
  12. Mechanical Splice Fiber Optic 5 Units
    SKU: AF011

    €58.99 Tax included

Items 1-12 of 158

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Instrumentation and equipment