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Digital, 2-Wire and IP Video Entrance Panels

Video panels allows communication with the caller and offer added security by also allowing the user to be viewed, this is important to know if it is someone familiar or a stranger looking for the opportunity to enter without permission.

We offer personalized budgets to our clients if they require a video door entry panel for a specific number of homes or with specific functions.

We are an official supplier of leading brands such as Fermax and Comelit, so we have boards that are compatible with all their systems (VDS, DUOX PLUS, Simplebus2, etc.) and panels to replace old systems.

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  1. Wireless IP Video Door Phone Nivian SD Slot

    €100.79 Tax included
  2. Color Video Panel for Kit WAY 1L (2 wires) OUTLET
    SKU: FER1416OUT

    €107.98 Tax included
  3. Placa city S1 Duox Plus color 1L OUTLET
    SKU: FER40708OUT

    €149.85 Tax included
  4. City Panel S1 CP101 DUOX PLUS Color Fermax
    SKU: FER40708

    €162.33 Tax included
  5. City Panel S1 DUOX PLUS Color 2 Buttons 2/W
    SKU: FER40008

    €168.63 Tax included
  6. Wifi video door entry kit of the series Visto de Comelit

    €251.98 Tax included
  7. QUADRA External Panel 1/2/4 Pushbuttons (2 wires)
    SKU: COM4893M

    €271.55 Tax included
  8. 1-Line Milo Panel MEET by Fermax
    SKU: FER9533

    €468.75 Tax included
  9. Digital touch-screen video door phone IP MEET 9532 from Fermax
    SKU: FER9532

    €1,382.30 Tax included

9 Items

per page
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Video Entrance Panels