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Entrance Panel Parts and Components

The intercom panels are located next to the main entrance of the building. Sometimes accessories are needed to complement the panel. In this section you can find these accessories. For example:

Hoods: The visors protect the panels from the rain when they are not located indoors.

Surface boxes: It is used when the panel requires surface mounting of the wall because there is no gap to place it and you do not want to do work to create the gap.

Flush boxes: They are necessary when a work is carried out to adapt the hole to the size of the panel.

Trim frames: They are needed when no work is being carried out to adapt the gap to the panel, but rather the panel is placed in the existing gap and the trim frame covers the gap that is visible because the panel is smaller than the gap there is.

Other panels accessories: Which are less demanded and we do not have them in the web catalog, but ask us that we can send it to you on request.

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  1. Lampara de iluminación para placa citymax
    SKU: FER9607

    €1.78 Tax included
  2. Meet Flush Box Joinning Bolts Fermax
    SKU: FER14591

    €3.05 Tax included
  3. Embedding Box for IKALL and POWERCOM 2 Modules Panel
    SKU: COM3110/2

    €4.60 Tax included
  4. Flush Mount Box 4 Modules for Entrance Panels 3110/4A
    SKU: COM3110/4A

    €4.94 Tax included
  5. Flush Mount Box 3 Modules for Entrance Panels 3110/3A
    SKU: COM3110/3A

    €4.95 Tax included
  6. 2-Module Flush-Mount Box for Ultra Series Entrance Panels
    SKU: COM3110/2A

    €4.96 Tax included
  7. Fasteners for City Classic plate by Fermax
    SKU: FER9655

    €5.34 Tax included
  8. Recessed box size S1 8948 from Fermax
    SKU: FER8948

    €5.34 Tax included
  9. Embedding Box for IKALL and POWERCOM 1 Module Panel
    SKU: COM3110/1

    €5.88 Tax included
  10. Connection Cable 620mm for SFERA NEW & ROBUR Panels
    SKU: TEG354000

    €5.98 Tax included
  11. Flush-mounted box Milo 1 Line MEET
    SKU: FER9543

    €6.10 Tax included
  12. Embedding Box for IKALL and POWERCOM 3 Modules Panel
    SKU: COM3110/3

    €6.40 Tax included
  13. Lamp kit with bracket connection
    SKU: FER9735

    €8.89 Tax included
  14. Heating resistor city
    SKU: FER9658

    €8.89 Tax included
  15. Recessed box for entrance panel with size S4
    SKU: FER8949

    €10.67 Tax included
  16. Recessed box of the City series of size S1 8851 of Fermax
    SKU: FER8851

    €12.58 Tax included
  17. Recessed box City of size S2 8852 by Fermax
    SKU: FER8852

    €13.37 Tax included
  18. Recessed box for City plate size S3 Fermax
    SKU: FER8853

    €13.53 Tax included
  19. CityLine Classic double push
    SKU: FER9601

    €14.23 Tax included
  20. Front Blind Module SFERA NEW 352301
    SKU: TEG352301

    €14.52 Tax included
  21. Fermax City S-4 8854 recess box
    SKU: FER8854

    €15.73 Tax included
  22. Crystal color city classic
    SKU: FER9603

    €16.01 Tax included
  23. B/W CITY CLASSIC Camera Glass Fermax
    SKU: FER9602

    €16.09 Tax included
  24. Flush-mounted box of size S5 of the City 8855 series by Fermax
    SKU: FER8855

    €16.52 Tax included
  25. Flush Box for Marine Meet Fermax Panel
    SKU: FER1459

    €17.28 Tax included
  26. Recessed box of the City series of size S6
    SKU: FER8856

    €17.30 Tax included
  27. Recessed box for MILO digital plate MEET
    SKU: FER9542

    €17.79 Tax included
  28. S7-size flush-mounted box for City 8857 plates by Fermax
    SKU: FER8857

    €18.09 Tax included
  29. Recessed box of size S8 for City plates
    SKU: FER8858

    €18.88 Tax included
  30. Surface box City Classic S1
    SKU: FER8951

    €19.06 Tax included
  31. CityLine Classic single pushbutton
    SKU: FER9600

    €19.06 Tax included
  32. Recessed box model City of size S9 8982 of Fermax
    SKU: FER8982

    €21.24 Tax included
  33. 2 Push Button Cassette Tegui 006100
    SKU: TEG6100

    €21.59 Tax included
  34. City classic surface box S4 size Fermax
    SKU: FER8954

    €22.87 Tax included
  35. Sound group of technology 4 + N 1145/500 of Urmet
    SKU: 1145/500

    €23.00 Tax included
  36. 1 Module Finishing Frame for Entrance Panel Comelit
    SKU: COM31141

    €24.07 Tax included

Items 1-36 of 195

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Entrance Panel Components