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Professional Equipment Installers

In this section we will find all the equipment and the instrumentation that is need for telecomunication installers. It will depend of the kind of the installation, you will need different equipment so we will different in 5 types: Type A: Telecomunication in Buildings, Type B: Telecomunication Systems,Type C: Audiovisual Systems, Type D: Radio broadcasting centers, Type F: Next Generation Infrastructures. 

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  1. TRUE RMS digital multimeter from Promax

    €49.55 Tax included
  2. Digital Multimeter with RMS PD-350
    SKU: PROPD350

    €117.98 Tax included
  3. Multimeter with control android PD-351 of Promax
    SKU: PROPD351

    €135.68 Tax included
  4. Promax Cable Tracer
    SKU: PROTC470

    €141.57 Tax included
  5. Digital Multimeter With RMS+Bluetooth PD-352
    SKU: PROPD352

    €153.37 Tax included
  6. Audio impedance meter PE-005
    SKU: PROPE005

    €365.72 Tax included
  7. Simulator FI TV and Satellite, 3 carriers
    SKU: PRORP050

    €377.52 Tax included
  8. Laser light source for fiber optics
    SKU: TECFO120011

    €385.14 Tax included
  9. Artificial load 25 W IC-501
    SKU: PROIC501

    €436.51 Tax included
  10. Digital ground resistance meter with spades PE-335 from Promax
    SKU: PROPE335

    €448.31 Tax included
  11. Portable 3 Ghz Frequency meter IC-300
    SKU: PROIC300

    €501.40 Tax included
  12. Digital earth resistance meter stakeless
    SKU: PROPE425

    €507.29 Tax included
  13. Insulation meter PE-455 from Promax
    SKU: PROPE455

    €530.89 Tax included
  14. Satellite and Terrestrial FI generator for ITC-2 RP-080 from Promax
    SKU: PRORP080

    €696.05 Tax included
  15. Artificial load 150 W IC-502
    SKU: PROIC502

    €766.84 Tax included
  16. Noise Generator 1-2200 Mhz, level 70 dBuV
    SKU: PRONG283

    €1,002.79 Tax included
  17. Low Cost Triple laser source

    €1,144.36 Tax included
  18. Poliscopio OS-782
    SKU: PROOS782

    €1,297.73 Tax included
  19. Builder test pilots for coaxial cable. To verify ICTs
    SKU: PRORP110B

    €1,297.73 Tax included
  20. Kit for splicing or connectorized fiber optic
    SKU: PL-10B

    €1,415.70 Tax included
  21. OPS10 Triple Light Generator (1310, 1490, and 1550 nm) Televes 2340
    SKU: TEL2340

    €1,464.08 Tax included
  22. Selective optical power meter Low Cost

    €1,474.70 Tax included
  23. Source triple laser FTTH (1310, 1490, 1550 nm)

    €1,710.64 Tax included
  24. Multispan RF Wattmeter IC-002
    SKU: PROIC002

    €1,828.61 Tax included
  25. GTLAN Automatic FO Splicer + Accessories
    SKU: 20AOFS

    €2,265.12 Tax included
  26. HD Ranger ECO Field Meter

    €2,300.51 Tax included
  27. Kit "Low Cost" ICT-2 Meter + Promax Light Source
    SKU: PROPL575

    €2,418.49 Tax included
  28. Field Meter H30 evolution FULL Version
    SKU: TEL593505

    €2,577.76 Tax included
  29. Basic FTTH selective meter with ICT test

    €2,654.44 Tax included
  30. Fiber Optic LITE 42 Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer Kit from Promax

    €2,831.40 Tax included
  31. Authorized Telecommunication Installer Pack Type A

    €2,898.85 Tax included
  32. Meters HD Ranger Ultra Lite

    €3,008.36 Tax included
  33. Promax Digital Sound Level Meter with metrology certificate
    SKU: PROIC202

    €3,185.33 Tax included
  34. Kit compact fiber optic fusion splicer

    €3,716.21 Tax included
  35. Basic Kit Measuring ICT for fiber optic
    SKU: PL-675

    €4,011.15 Tax included

Items 1-36 of 49

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