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Professional Equipment Installers

In this section we will find all the equipment and the instrumentation that is need for telecomunication installers. It will depend of the kind of the installation, you will need different equipment so we will different in 5 types: Type A: Telecomunication in Buildings, Type B: Telecomunication Systems,Type C: Audiovisual Systems, Type D: Radio broadcasting centers, Type F: Next Generation Infrastructures. 

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  1. Laser light source for fiber optics
    SKU: TECFO120011

    €295.18 Tax included
  2. Portable 3 Ghz Frequency meter IC-300
    SKU: PROIC300

    €343.70 Tax included
  3. Artificial load 25 W IC-501
    SKU: PROIC501

    €351.96 Tax included
  4. Artificial load 150 W IC-502
    SKU: PROIC502

    €613.47 Tax included
  5. Audio impedance meter MP-003
    SKU: PROMP003

    €737.35 Tax included
  6. Low Cost Triple laser source

    €855.32 Tax included
  7. Selective optical power meter Low Cost

    €1,103.07 Tax included
  8. Builder test pilots for coaxial cable. To verify ICTs
    SKU: PRORP110B

    €1,103.07 Tax included
  9. Sound Level Meter
    SKU: PROSC102

    €1,321.32 Tax included
  10. Source triple laser FTTH (1310, 1490, 1550 nm)

    €1,415.70 Tax included
  11. Multispan RF Wattmeter IC-002
    SKU: PROIC002

    €1,486.49 Tax included
  12. Dicom Professional Fiber Optic Splicer
    SKU: DAXFO0023

    €2,151.38 Tax included

Items 1-12 of 25

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