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The access controls allow to give authorization to certain people to access a door. This door will be a dwelling, a community of neighbors, a garden, a local, ultimately where we want to restrict the entrance to the public and authorize certain people. The access controls are of different types: With numeric keypad with a key that can be unique for each person or shared. With a card reader, whose holder can enter, with remote control or fingerprint where it identifies the person unequivocally. Depending on the security that we will require or the comfort for the management of access control, we usually choose one method or another.

You may think that access control is something complex, but nothing further from reality. In the end it all boils down to a method by which we activate a contact that opens a door. The way in which the contact is activated is what differentiates some access controls from others.

We can classify access controls in three large groups:

- Autonomous access controls. They allow controlling a door or access. They are suitable for offices, offices, garages, etc. The SKYLINE series can be integrated into any SKYLINE gateway or video entry panel.

Examples of standalone access controls:

  • With code: Memokey keyboard, Memokey Mini keyboard.
  • With card reader: Private Reader, Private Mini Reader.
  • Biometric (fingerprint reader): Biokey reader.
  • Radiofrecuencia (with control): Kit stores and garage.

- Distributed access controls. They are installations with several accesses that do not connect to each other. They are all managed from the same control point and do not need any remote connectivity since the identifiers are intelligent. Passes are allowed per user, expiration date, etc.

An example of this type of controls is the range of AXESKEY products from Fermax.

- Centralized access controls. They are installations with several accesses that require an interconnection between them and a computer. They have advanced functions such as event logging, real-time or offline event logs, time control, pedestrian-vehicular anti-passback, capacity limitation, device activation from readers, automation, etc.

Example of these centralized access controls:

  • AC Plus range: the most competitive and easy to integrate solution. Indicated for a medium-sized access control network.
  • IP range Axes: The most intuitive and competitive system for remote management over IP. Necessary if site map is required, functionalities such as the calculation of hours per user, present staff and control of the accesses in remote mode.

The most frequently sold and most frequent access controls are the autonomous ones. In our website you will find kits of all types of access controls. Complete kits as well as separate parts. They can consult us if they have doubts, and mainly for control of big and complex accesses, ask us budgets.

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RFID access control by proximity S2EM of Ixon

€25.87 Tax included

Advanced access control RFID by proximity S1X

Ref.: IXOS1X
€44.79 Tax included

Access control by proximity and keyboard AC103

Ref.: NEXAC103
€52.93 Tax included

RFID access control by proximity and keyboard

Ref.: IXOTK1
€54.05 Tax included

Mifare memokey mini proximity kit

Ref.: FER5244
€114.79 Tax included

5248 mini kit proximity Fermax

Ref.: FER5248
€122.54 Tax included

Kit RF 868 MHz shops and garages 5249 Fermax

Ref.: FER5249
€126.41 Tax included

Memokey resistant kit for access control by PIN or proximity

Ref.: FER5238
€135.44 Tax included

Proximity resistant kit for access control by proximity

Ref.: FER5237
€144.46 Tax included

Dual autonomous reader for keyboard or EM or Mifare card

€158.74 Tax included

Time control for companies FS80 of Getesa

Ref.: FS80
€326.70 Tax included

Time control for companies FX62 of Getesa

Ref.: FX62
€399.30 Tax included

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