Wireless transmitter

Wired and wireless Transmitters

With this kind of remote control we can send the signal wireless or wire to another point at house. You can change with this device from a room to another. If the distance is so large, or it is necessary accross few walls it is recommended to use by coaxial cable transmitter, so wire transmitter.

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Coaxial cable IR transmitter from Daxis (Second socket)

Ref.: DAXTR0204
€17.23 Tax included

IR Remote Control Transmitter TR0117

Ref.: DAXTR0117
€17.62 Tax included

Additional infrared coaxial cable extender

€21.61 Tax included

ACCESSORIES Transmitter Digidom I / R disc Issuer ( second take )

Ref.: TEL721902
€23.95 Tax included

Transmitter and Receiver for IR transmitter Tecatel REMOTEC

€32.23 Tax included

Coaxial cable IR transmitter and receiver kit from Daxis

Ref.: DAXTR0203
€34.17 Tax included

IR over coax Receiver (2nd port)

Ref.: TEL7606
€36.46 Tax included

Televes Digidom Wireless Remote Control Transmitter

Ref.: TEL723703
€37.58 Tax included

Distributor 2 outputs for Remote Eye

Ref.: FTEF120
€44.84 Tax included

Coaxial Infrared Extender

€47.34 Tax included

Distributor 4 outputs for Remote Eye

Ref.: FTEF140
€55.45 Tax included

Outdoor Infrared Transmitter Kit on Coaxial

Ref.: TEL7605
€79.71 Tax included

12 Item(s)

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