Monitor distribuitor for CCTV

Video distributors for video intercom systems

Video distributors are used in buildings to deliver video intercom wiring from the common area to each of the houses.

They are also used in the same apartment when multiple monitors are installed.

These video distributors are for the VDS system Fermax.

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Duox line termination

Ref.: FER3255
€9.91 Tax included

Video Distributor 2 Outputs 4 + N

Ref.: FER2448
€16.52 Tax included

4 Outputs Video Distributor 4+N

Ref.: FER2449
€31.25 Tax included

VDS Video Changer Module Fermax

Ref.: FER2450
€45.74 Tax included

Filter for Duox installations

Ref.: FER3244
€49.55 Tax included

4/W Mini Video Distributor VDS Fermax

Ref.: FER3262
€55.06 Tax included

Distributor 4 Outputs Simplebus 2-Wire Comelit

Ref.: COM4840
€78.61 Tax included

Dual DUOX PLUS 1s Regenerator

Ref.: FER3268
€87.66 Tax included

DUOX 1-output regenerator

Ref.: FER3256
€113.97 Tax included

Fermax 8812 Automatic Video Changer

Ref.: FER8812
€157.80 Tax included

DUOX PLUS 2 Output Regenerator

Ref.: FER3269
€182.63 Tax included

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