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Filters and Regenerators for Audio/Video Intercom

Filters are especially used in 2-wire digital systems to adapt the feeder output to the 2-wire system.

On the other hand, regenerators are used in long-distance installations to amplify the signal. They are installed at intermediate points and allow all neighbors to have optimal communication, without attenuation.

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  1. DUOX PLUS Line Adapter Fermax 3255
    SKU: FER3255

    €7.87 Tax included
  2. VDS Mini Video Distributor 2 Outputs Fermax
    SKU: FER3260

    €30.49 Tax included
  3. Video Distributor 2 Outputs 4 + N
    SKU: FER2448

    €30.49 Tax included
  4. 4 Outputs Video Distributor 4+N
    SKU: FER2449

    €35.07 Tax included
  5. Extension 16 calls module
    SKU: FER2441

    €36.59 Tax included
  6. DUOX PLUS 24Vdc Filter (2 wires)
    SKU: FER3289

    €39.01 Tax included
  7. VDS Video Changer Module Fermax
    SKU: FER2450

    €51.84 Tax included
  8. 4/W Mini Video Distributor VDS Fermax
    SKU: FER3262

    €59.29 Tax included
  9. Dual DUOX PLUS 1s Regenerator
    SKU: FER3268

    €80.22 Tax included
  10. Distributor 4 Outputs Simplebus 2-Wire Comelit
    SKU: COM4840

    €87.80 Tax included
  11. DUOX PLUS 2 Output Regenerator
    SKU: FER3269

    €128.99 Tax included
  12. Decoder for Conversion by MDS/VDS System
    SKU: FER2409

    €134.16 Tax included
  13. Automatic Switcher 4+N DIN10 Fermax
    SKU: FER8811

    €148.65 Tax included
  14. S2 Comelit system power supply mixer
    SKU: COM4888C

    €159.61 Tax included
  15. 2 outputs duox regenerator
    SKU: FER3253

    €226.27 Tax included
  16. Audio-Video Switch Syst. Simplified Comelit
    SKU: COM4861

    €542.16 Tax included

16 Items

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Filters and Regenerators