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Power Supplies, Relays and other Accessories

The power supplies are used to provide the current and voltage necessary to operate the different elements of an intercom or video intercom installation. Each feeder is used in a specific place in the installation.

A relay allows you to perform additional functions such as opening a second door or garage door and activating stair or courtesy lights.

Video changers are used when there are two video entrances, for example a main door and a second portal door.

Decoders are used in systems that combine several panels, for example in urbanizations with VDS panels in interior blocks and MDS panels in general entrances.

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  1. 12Vac and 15Va Amplyvox power supply
    SKU: X236

    €18.25 Tax included
  2. Fermax Additional Functions Relay
    SKU: FER2013

    €29.73 Tax included
  3. 33Vdc Power Supply for IKALL Entrance Panel
    SKU: COM1595

    €32.71 Tax included
  4. DIN6 100-240Vac/18Vdc 1.5A Power Supply OUTLET
    SKU: FER4812OUT

    €36.63 Tax included
  5. Basic Relay DUOX PLUS Fermax 3233
    SKU: FER3233

    €43.56 Tax included
  6. Feeder kit way DIN 10 26VDC-2A
    SKU: FER1410

    €49.55 Tax included
  7. 12VAC-DC voltage distributor feeder
    SKU: FER88231

    €50.14 Tax included
  8. Alimentador DIN4 230Vac/12Vac 1.5A Fermax
    SKU: FER4800

    €50.47 Tax included
  9. Feeder DIN4 230Vac/12Vac 1A
    SKU: FER4802

    €51.07 Tax included
  10. 26V 2A power supply for Way-Fi 1431 kit
    SKU: FER1440

    €55.65 Tax included
  11. QUADRA 2 Wire Video Kit Power Supply
    SKU: COM1209

    €60.60 Tax included

Items 1-12 of 24

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Power Supplies and Relays