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Everything needed for an Installation of Video Systems

The power supplies are providing with voltage and the current that they need. It is necessary to installer depend of the distance.

The Changers Video are use when we have few access in a building or in a residance, for example we have a main door and another secundary one.

The Decoders are used in systems wich have few plates VDS internal and plates in general entries MDS.

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  1. 12Vac and 15Va Amplyvox power supply

    €18.25 Tax included
  2. Kit Way DIN 8 28 VDC-2A OUTLET Power Supply

    €20.29 Tax included
  3. 33Vdc Power Supply for IKALL Entrance Panel

    €34.86 Tax included
  4. DIN6 100-240Vac/18Vdc 1.5A Power Supply OUTLET

    €36.63 Tax included
  5. Power Supply DIN6 100-240VAC / 24VDC 2A Fermax

    €37.03 Tax included
  6. Basic Relay DUOX PLUS Fermax 3233

    €43.56 Tax included
  7. VDS Video Changer Module Fermax

    €47.26 Tax included
  8. Alimentador DIN4 230Vac/12Vac 1.5A Fermax

    €48.85 Tax included
  9. Feeder kit way DIN 10 26VDC-2A

    €49.55 Tax included
  10. 12VAC-DC voltage distributor feeder

    €50.14 Tax included

Items 1-12 of 32

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Power Supplies and Decoders