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Power Supplies, Relays and other Accessories

The power supplies are used to provide the current and voltage necessary to operate the different elements of an intercom or video intercom installation. Each feeder is used in a specific place in the installation.

A relay allows you to perform additional functions such as opening a second door or garage door and activating stair or courtesy lights.

Video changers are used when there are two video entrances, for example a main door and a second portal door.

Decoders are used in systems that combine several panels, for example in urbanizations with VDS panels in interior blocks and MDS panels in general entrances.

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  1. Relay 12Vdc 40A with Socket
    SKU: NAR12DC

    €10.70 Tax included
  2. Amplivox 236 4+N Porter Power Supply
    SKU: AMP236

    €18.32 Tax included
  3. Comelit 12Vac/60VA Transformer with 230Vac Input
    SKU: COM1395

    €30.06 Tax included
  4. Fermax Additional Functions Relay
    SKU: FER2013

    €30.44 Tax included
  5. Power Distribution Box 12v / 10A PD-120-12
    SKU: PD-120-12

    €33.54 Tax included
  6. 33Vdc Power Supply for IKALL Entrance Panel
    SKU: COM1595

    €37.86 Tax included
  7. Alimentador DIN4 230Vac/12Vac 1.5A Fermax
    SKU: FER4800

    €38.54 Tax included
  8. DIN4 power supply 230Vac/12Vac 1.5A OUTLET
    SKU: FER4800OUT

    €38.54 Tax included
  9. External Relay for Fermax Meet Door Opening
    SKU: FER1490

    €38.54 Tax included
  10. Relay module for door openers for Fermax Way 1418 kit installations
    SKU: FER1418

    €41.06 Tax included
  11. Basic Relay DUOX PLUS Fermax 3233
    SKU: FER3233

    €45.30 Tax included
  12. Feeder kit way DIN 10 26VDC-2A
    SKU: FER1410

    €50.97 Tax included
  13. Feeder DIN4 230Vac/12Vac 1A
    SKU: FER4802

    €52.38 Tax included
  14. 26V 2A power supply for Way-Fi 1431 kit
    SKU: FER1440

    €53.09 Tax included
  15. QUADRA 2 Wire Video Kit Power Supply
    SKU: COM1209

    €61.96 Tax included
  16. 12VAC-DC voltage distributor feeder
    SKU: FER88231

    €63.00 Tax included
  17. Fermax Programmable Timer Relay
    SKU: FER29001

    €65.12 Tax included
  18. Power Supply+Filter DUOX PLUS DIN10 24Vdc 2.5A
    SKU: FER4825

    €86.52 Tax included
  19. Tegui E-31 (Audio) power supply
    SKU: TEG090631

    €89.88 Tax included
  20. Tegui E-34 power supply
    SKU: TEG090634

    €90.79 Tax included
  21. Fermax DUOX PLUS Relay Module (2 wires)
    SKU: FER3267

    €91.32 Tax included
  22. Power Supply DIN6 100-240Vac/18Vdc 1.5A
    SKU: FER4812

    €91.32 Tax included
  23. Comelit 2-Wire Simplebus Systems Power Supply
    SKU: COM1210

    €91.98 Tax included
  24. Module 4 Relays Meet by Fermax
    SKU: FER1491

    €95.57 Tax included
  25. Power Supply DIN6 100-240Vac/12Vdc 2A Fermax
    SKU: FER4813

    €101.46 Tax included
  26. Comelit Simplebus 2 Systems Power Supply
    SKU: COM1210A

    €104.07 Tax included
  27. Power Supply DIN6 100-240Vac / 18Vc 3.5A
    SKU: FER4830

    €107.59 Tax included
  28. Power Supply DIN6 100-240VAC / 24VDC 2A Fermax
    SKU: FER4840

    €108.31 Tax included
  29. VIP System Power Supply 30W (Outlet)
    SKU: COM1441BOUT

    €109.37 Tax included
  30. Actuator Relay Module for Comelit Vip System
    SKU: COM1443

    €111.67 Tax included
  31. Multiline Feeder Bus-3 230V Fermax
    SKU: FER88039

    €124.58 Tax included
  32. VIP System Power Supply 100W
    SKU: COM1441

    €137.73 Tax included
  33. Power Supply DIN10 230VAC/12VAC+18VDC 1.5A
    SKU: FER4810

    €140.15 Tax included
  34. Power Supply Teguibus 2-wire Intercom Tegui E-32
    SKU: TEGE32

    €141.21 Tax included
  35. S2 Comelit system power supply mixer
    SKU: COM4888C

    €159.61 Tax included
  36. Power Supply 230Vac/12Vac+18Vdc-1.5A OUTLET
    SKU: FER4810OUT

    €117.61 Tax included

Items 1-36 of 37

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Power Supplies and Relays