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4+N, Digital, IP and 2-Wire Analog Video Door Phones

In our online store you can buy customized video door phones, which are adjusted to your needs. Our main video door entry brand, Fermax, has all kinds of solutions for any type of installation. We have digital video intercoms and two-wire video intercoms for easy wiring installation.

The home's security needs much more than a simple intercom. With our video intercoms section, you will have absolute control of who is knocking at your door and who may we around it, deciding whether to open or not. As you know, some people look for the right moment to enter your resident with no permission.

To avoid this, we offer you a catalog of intercoms with cameras (or surveillance cameras) easily installed. Choose a domestic kit if you live in an individual house or propose an advanced access control system to be installed in your neighborhood block. All the video intercoms we have are manufactured by leading brands in this field, so their quality and efficiency are guaranteed. You will be able to enjoy a clear image, resistant and secure intercom.

Video Kits, Monitor and Panels

If you are looking for kits to replace your old door entry or video door entry system, we recommend that you opt for the 2-wire systems, due to their versatility and ease of installation. Both Fermax and Comelit offer 2-wire solutions: DUOX PLUS and SIMPLEBUS respectively.

In our online store you will find video door entry kits for neighborhood communities, from 2 to 10 homes, recommending the use of a numerical panel for more than 20 homes, considereing that a panel with more than 20 push buttons is usually too large. Contact us to order any type of panel. There are solutions for everything!

We also have all kinds of solutions for access control. Panels with numeric key, fingerprint recognition, card readers, remote control, proximity reader, etc.

In addition, Fermax and Comelit have modular panels that are customizable. These are the SKYLINE series from Fermax and the IKALL series from Comelit. Recently Comelit has also released new panels called ULTRA, which adapt to any need.

If you are looking for anti-vandal panels that are highly resistant to shocks and meteorological agents, we have the Vandalcom series from Comelit and the Marine series from Fermax.

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  1. Embellishment cover for Loft VDS connector
    SKU: FER3384

    €35.39 Tax included
  2. Tekna-s Color Monitor with Strip

    €183.46 Tax included
  3. Video Kit V1 2H Series 8 Sfera New
    SKU: TEG378111

    €550.55 Tax included
  4. Desktop Concierge Meet 9539
    SKU: FER9539

    €1,676.82 Tax included
  5. Audio Video Distributor 6 modules 4 Outputs 346190
    SKU: BTI346190

    €96.22 Tax included
  6. Golmar K-201 GRF 1-Line 4+N Audio Kit

    €77.32 Tax included
  7. VEO VDS connector for 9401 monitor
    SKU: FER9402

    €9.12 Tax included
  8. City S1 Cp101 Color Video Door Station Fermax
    SKU: FER70707

    €289.67 Tax included
  9. Fermax MDS Digital ST3 Marine Video Board
    SKU: FER5470

    €1,162.52 Tax included
  10. Call Repeater Telephones Electronic Call
    SKU: GOL11290080

    €18.50 Tax included
  11. Quadra mini video door phone handsfree kit with Wifi
    SKU: COM8561V

    €652.61 Tax included
  12. Digital touch-screen video door phone IP MEET 9532 from Fermax
    SKU: FER9532

    €1,382.32 Tax included
  13. White 7 "PoE WIT monitor of the MEET 14701 series by Fermax
    SKU: FER14701

    €508.21 Tax included
  14. 1-Line Milo Panel MEET by Fermax
    SKU: FER9533

    €378.86 Tax included
  15. Flush Box Monitor WIT 10" MEET Fermax
    SKU: FER1489

    €12.71 Tax included
  16. VEO XL 7" DUOX PLUS Color Monitor (2-wire)
    SKU: FER9468

    €162.14 Tax included
  17. VEO XL 7" DUOX PLUS Color WIFI Monitor (2 wires)
    SKU: FER9469

    €212.96 Tax included
  18. 4+N Qvadis ONE WiFi Smart Monitor

    €329.00 Tax included
  19. 1W Video Kit CITY VEO VDS with WIBOX Included Fermax
    SKU: FER94111

    €351.72 Tax included
  20. Monitor 7” Neo PoE white Meet 14501
    SKU: FER14501

    €263.84 Tax included
  21. Milo Video Digital Meet screen 4.3 "
    SKU: FER9531

    €1,186.49 Tax included
  22. Monitor Series 8 2 Wires Tegui 374494
    SKU: TEG374494

    €152.46 Tax included
  23. Second Monitor 7" of the 2 Lines WAY Kit Fermax OUTLET
    SKU: FER1413OUT

    €202.13 Tax included
  24. 1 House Video Intercom Kit 2 Wires WAY-FI Monitor 7" WiFi OUTLET
    SKU: FER1431OUT

    €448.67 Tax included
  25. Touch Plate Kin Meet 1445 Fermax
    SKU: FER1445

    €1,683.90 Tax included
  26. White Monitor Maxi 7'' with Android 6813W
    SKU: COM6813W

    €381.14 Tax included
  27. Divert Meet Me License without Terminal 1 Apartment
    SKU: FER1496

    €69.12 Tax included
  28. City Panel S1 DUOX PLUS Color 2 Buttons 2/W
    SKU: FER40008

    €163.30 Tax included
  29. Video Digital Panel Marine Meet IP 1455 Fermax
    SKU: FER1455

    €968.64 Tax included
  30. Marine Meet Directory Panel 1456 Fermax
    SKU: FER1456

    €270.87 Tax included
  31. Milo Meet 1W Panel + License Kit (without monitor)

    €483.31 Tax included
  32. Video Doorphone Kit: Monitor 7" POE + Milo Meet Panel 1W

    €1,006.24 Tax included
  33. Sale

    Crea tu propio Kit de 4 cámaras de videovigilancia y obtén 5% de descuento adicional

    As low as €3.98 Regular Price €4.19

  34. Monitor VEO-XS WiFi 4.3" DUOX PLUS Fermax (2 wires) OUTLET
    SKU: FER9449OUT

    €143.69 Tax included
  35. WAY 2-wire video intercom kit with 7" monitor for 1 home OUTLET
    SKU: FER1401OUT

    €343.40 Tax included
  36. VEO 4.3" DUOX PLUS Monitor Fermax (2 wires) OUTLET
    SKU: FER9445OUT

    €90.60 Tax included

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Video Intercoms