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CCTV Cameras

This section is dedicated to different types of CCTV cameras that can be found on our website, such as: Indoor Cameras, Outdoor Cameras, IP Cameras, Hidden Cameras, Simulated Cameras, Surveillance Cameras for Day / Night with night vision (LEDs) as well as different types of feeders for them.

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  1. Tecate Bullet simulated surveillance camera in white color

    €5.34 Tax included
  2. White Dome Simulated CCTV Surveillance Camera

    €5.93 Tax included
  3. Camera 4 in 1 Minidome 720p Fixed 2.8mm IR 20m
    SKU: H343177045

    €17.61 Tax included
  4. 4 in 1 Bullet Camera 2MP Fixed 2.8mm IR 20m
    SKU: BUL4542

    €22.53 Tax included
  5. 2MP hybrid bullet camera, 2.8mm optics and EXIR LEDs for 30m
    SKU: HWT-B120-M

    €25.59 Tax included
  6. Dome camera 2.8mm optics, a resolution of 2Mp and Exir LEDs for 20m
    SKU: HWT-T120-M

    €26.68 Tax included
  7. 1080p Hybrid Dome Camera with Hikvision 2.8mm Optics
    SKU: H343177114

    €28.07 Tax included
  8. Dome Camera 1080p 4 in 1 Fixed 3.6mm and IR LEDs 30m Color Black
    SKU: DM821I-F4N1

    €29.62 Tax included
  9. 4 in 1 Mini Dome 2MP Fixed Camera 2.8mm IR 20m
    SKU: MD5545

    €30.49 Tax included
  10. HD camera 4 in 1 by TBK MD5546 4MP and Optic 2.8mm CCTV
    SKU: MD5546

    €30.83 Tax included
  11. Dome camera 1080p 3.6 mm 2Leds 30m Outdoor
    SKU: DM821IB-F4N1

    €31.27 Tax included
  12. Rotary Wi-Fi Camera with Microphone and Speaker + SD Slot
    SKU: TL-TAPOC200

    €31.31 Tax included

Items 1-12 of 141

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Surveillance Cameras